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Ever have "one of those weeks?"(5 posts)

Ever have "one of those weeks?"KG 361
Aug 17, 2003 12:52 PM
45 miles. Total. I sem to have about 2 of these weeks per riding season when I just don't give a rat's arse. Too much to do, too little time, and when I did have time, I slept in instead. Now I'm ready for a decent week. Anyone else have these from time to time? I chalk it up as my body telling me that I need a bit of a rest. Or it could be delayed-onset-jet lag. Who knows? Anyway, I'm ready to rock 'n roll now!
Everything goes in a cycle ...orange_julius
Aug 17, 2003 1:01 PM
You need a day or two of rest in a week, so you also need
a week or two of rest in a year. And a year or two of rest
in a lifetime ;-).
Ouch, bad pun.kjr39
Aug 17, 2003 1:39 PM
And, yes I do have those weeks where everything on TV looks good and moving my butt off of the couch is really hard week. But, thankfully I get over it and go looking for something to do outside (like riding.)

I consider it my 'average American lifestyle' time. I am thinking of adding reality TV, NASCAR, & Budweiser to the mix the next time I feel like that...
re: Ever have "one of those weeks?"aliensporebomb
Aug 17, 2003 2:05 PM
Here in Minnesota it's been in the high 90s for weeks now
and yesterday I was going to do a century ride.

I got a late start and that really messed me up.

I knew that the day didn't bode well when I was two miles
from the house and forgot my cycling gloves. Then ten miles
in I ran into a woman on a Quintana Roo who had ran out of
water about 56 miles out. She was pushing her bike up a
hill that the city just did that awful asphalt with loose
rocks on top and was just a few miles from home.

By the time I got to mile 35 I knew that I had to cut
it short. I'd filled my camelbak three times in an hour,
had two gatorades and one energy bar and a small box of
raisins and I was still thirsty.

Later, I cramped pretty good in both legs - I knew that
I still hadn't gotten tenough water - it was 102 or so out
there. I lost almost five pounds.

Today I'm tempted to go out for a little recovery ride
but it's still quite hot out there. Maybe later.
Oh yeah. But it could be worse . . .Geardaddy
Aug 17, 2003 5:41 PM
I've not only had one of those weeks (in fact 0 miles), but I've been in near constant excruciating pain for the last 5 days. It's my own damn fault though. I kept riding even when I had been experiencing tingling and numbness in my right arm for weeks. Well, I did three days in a row of 2+ hour hard rides, and I am paying for it big time with a nasty upper back strain. I wouldn't wish this pain on my own worst enemy. I think I'm turning the corner on this, but it may be another week or more before I ride again.

Listen to your body. Taking a break is a good thing.