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This is not fair..(5 posts)

This is not fair..toomanybikes
Aug 17, 2003 7:50 AM
it's the middle os August, it's 31 degrees outside and I am forced to ride in the basement!

The wind here has shifted and the smoke from the forest fires is blowing in on us. On top of that a lightening strike yesterday morning touched off a new blaze that has now got out of control and the whole town is under a blanket of smoke.

I have ash on my driveway and patio, can't see across the valley and my wife won't let me go out on the roads.

The middle of summer and I'm riding in the Basement!!!!!!!!
Montana?Live Steam
Aug 17, 2003 7:59 AM
Sorry to hear that. Sounds pretty awful. I guess there is no Shangri-La. Just count your blessings and remember that the most important things are right around you - family, friends, home, etc. You will ride you bike again someday soon.

It's been a pretty lousy Summer for most of the country with the rain, fires, heat and humidity. We all survive and get through it.
Aug 17, 2003 8:07 AM
Southern BC. It's been everywhere this year.

I just wan to get outside, but right now, I step outside amd it smells like a campfire out there.

Don't really want to ride in that but I 'll be darned if I'm going to tell my wife she's right!
Aug 17, 2003 8:19 AM
Hey Live Steam, those are really good things to say, cuz it's true, ride on..........
hope this link works ..toomanybikes
Aug 17, 2003 8:23 AM
found these pictures of our latest fir.