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Newbie looking to get a roadbike. Q's about Bianchi(16 posts)

Newbie looking to get a roadbike. Q's about BianchiGerbila
Aug 16, 2003 6:49 PM
I am a mtb'er looking to get started on the road. I have been looking at used bikes on classifieds hoping to score a good deal, but if that doesn't happen I will buy one from my LBS. I can't say exactly why, but for some reason I am attracted to the Bianchi line of bikes. My budget is about 1000-1500 USD, and the Bianchi Campione or Veloce fall into that range. Anyone have opinions about these bikes?
Also I have questions regarding Bianchi geometry. From entering my measurements on, it looks like I should be riding a 54 cm frame C-C, or 56 C-T, w/ a 56 cm toptube. All in all, I think I am of normal proportions and would fit most manufacturer's medium frames. The geometry specs on bianchi's website are a little puzzling to me. Here is the URL to their geometry if you are so inclined:

I've heard top tube length is the most important fit factor, and from that site it looks like I should be on a 57cm Bianchi, which has a TT(actual) of 55cm, and a TT(virtual) of 56cm. I'm assuming virtual is the one I should really be concerned about right? So that I don't take into account the slope of the tube? But the 57cm frame has a seat tube C-T measurement of only 54cm, which seems small to me. Also, the standover height of that frame is 32 in, which is only .69 in less than my inseam.
Does Bianchi have some weird sizing that I should know about? I plan to go to the LBS to test ride the bikes, but it would be nice to know what I should be looking for in terms of feel and stuff, as a test ride might not reveal any quirks in fit that would reveal themselves over time.

Thanks for reading this long post and I appreciate your input. Also any suggestions on other bikes I should be looking at in my price range are welcome.
re: Newbie looking to get a roadbike. Q's about Bianchirm6rider
Aug 17, 2003 1:36 AM
Hi Gerbila,
I was in the same situation a year ago. I ride a Rocky Mountain RM6 with Jr.T fork (7 inch travel) and I test road a Trek 2200. After the first day I road this Trek, I never went back to mountain biking again. I fell in love with it. I paid $1300 for mine. Just last weekend, I upgraded my wheels to Mavic Ksyrium SSC SL and I love it more and more. Check out the Trek lineup at your LBS. By the way, Lance Armstrong inspired me to get into road bikes and now, all I want to do is ride. 2200 weighed in at 20.03 lbs.when I got it. Now, I got it down to 18 lbs. after upgrading the wheels, Ultegra brake calipers and front derailleur, Look pedals and Dura Ace cassette and chain. I don't know much about Bianchi bikes. Good Luck!!!
re: Newbie looking to get a roadbike. Q's about Bianchi10speedfiend
Aug 17, 2003 4:10 AM
First of all I am not a roadie vetran by any stretch of the imagination. For what it is worth however,Bianchi is a great company that makes a great product. The Veloce or Campione would be a great ride that would last for many years. Ride the bikes find out which one you like, talk to your LBS about your TT length concerns and go from there. I have found that the Wrenchscience fit guide puts me on a longer "reach" (TT+Stem) than I find comfortable.
I would hope you would take my advice and DO NOT UNDERBUY!
Buy more bike than you think you need, cause after the first month or two your gonna start spending a fortune to get the bike you should have bought in the first place.
just my .02$
Do Yourself A Big Favor...Indurain 03
Aug 17, 2003 11:44 AM
do not buy a soulless Trek. Yes, the 2200 is a nice bike but a Bianchi Campione or Veloce is simply the two best bikes available in your price range. First the bikes come with Campagnolo Veloce components which are on par with Shimano Ultegra. Secondly Italian steel is really something special. It is much smoother than the aluminum that you would have to suffer on while riding the Trek. The only downside to the Bianchi is the minor weight penalty that you will pay by choosing steel instead of aluminum. Don't fall into the "Lance rides a Trek so I should ride one too" marketing ploy. In five years it will be just another run of the mill bike. But the Bianchi will be on it's way to becoming a classic.
I'm sorry but this is crap...deHonc
Aug 17, 2003 4:24 PM
I must respond to this type of post by saying that I own a Trek - I love it - it is a classic already. To say a bike has no soul is difficult to argue with anyway so I'll just call it bullshit. Mine has soul because I give it soul - by forging a relation on it every km that we thump out together.

The other points are also contentious to say the least - Veloce is not on par with Ultegra - more like 105. There is nothing "special" about Italian Steel in particular. Bianchi makes nice bikes - no better than Trek though. If you think a Bianchi with Veloce is a classic more power to you.

The Only Thing That Is Crap..Indurain 03
Aug 17, 2003 6:56 PM
Is the fact that people like you (deHonc) always have to challenge other people's opinions in a futile attempt at creating these rediculous "flame wars". Yes, you are entitled to your opinion but so am I. Just because two people don't agree on something doesn't mean that one of them is wrong. That being said, you make yourself sound rediculous by using a word(contentious?) in a context in which it makes no sense. Perhaps your limited vocabulary does not include the word pretentious. This however is only my opinion, so if you think that a Trek 2200 with Ultegra is an instant classic, more power to you.
Very impressive there, Webster.Spoiler
Aug 17, 2003 7:36 PM
Pontificating about vocabulary while spelling "rediculous"?
Now there's an instant classic!
Learn EnglishdeHonc
Aug 17, 2003 7:51 PM
Contentious is a word in the English language - Sorry if you havn't come across it yet - it means quarrelsome, involving contention (Source - Oxford English dictionary). So, perhaps you might see that my note does make sence. Pretentious, although possibly an adjective to describe your position, was just a term I didn't use.

Of course two people can have differing views - you put yours, I put mine. I really couldn't care less about a "flame war" - whatever that is - I was stating my opinion. You see, we Trek owners know how good our bikes are and we are as proud of them as you are of your Bianchi!

I don't think a Trek 2200 with Ultegra is a classic - just an equa bikel to the Bianchi that you see as a classic.

Good luck and I wish you all the best with your English classes! (Meant with good humour)

You Might Try An English Class Yourself..Indurain 03
Aug 17, 2003 8:23 PM
of course I meant ridiculous but it appears you won't be winning any spelling Bee's either. "Sorry if you havn't come across it yet", and "perhaps you might see that my post does make sence". Don't you mean haven't and sense? Come on if you are going to tell someone to "learn english", at least fix your typos like "an equa bikel". In your case maybe they aren't typos.
Me siento que mi inglés es absolutamente bueno para alguien que lengua materna es española. ¡La buena suerte y yo le deseamos todo el la mejor con sus clases inglesas! (significado con buen humor)
You're right!deHonc
Aug 17, 2003 8:32 PM
OK - you got me! I fully acknowledge that I can't spell for nuts! What do ya expect from a dumbass Geophysicist? Look - at the end of the day we are just discussing bikes - we all love em, we all ride em. I'll try to find a double Spanish English course then maybe I'll be able to read your last line although I guess I might not want to.

Enjoy your bike, stay safe.

Argument Settled!Indurain 03
Aug 17, 2003 9:12 PM
Ok, just a simple difference of opinions. I'll save you the trouble of the spanish-english course, roughly translated I said "I feel that my English is pretty good considering my first language is Spanish. Good luck and I wish you all the best with your English classes! (meant with the good humor)".
Argument Settled!Spoiler
Aug 17, 2003 10:21 PM
"That being said, you make yourself sound rediculous by using a word(contentious?) in a context in which it makes no sense. Perhaps your limited vocabulary does not include the word pretentious. "

At what point did you conclude you were qualified to criticize other people's English vocabulary? You're now qualified for free grammar, spelling, and vocabulary lessons following all your future posts. I'll start.

Spanish and English are capitalized.
Critique This Professor!Indurain 03
Aug 17, 2003 10:37 PM
You are a prick, plain and simple. In no way did this argument concern you, yet you felt the need to put your own little spin on things. Get a life!
Critique This Professor!Spoiler
Aug 17, 2003 10:52 PM
That's Professor Prick to you.
When the thread was about the merits of Bianchi versus Trek, the agument didn't concern me. When the subject switched to vocabulary, I threw my sombrero into the ring.
re: Newbie looking to get a roadbike. Q's about BianchiTris
Aug 17, 2003 3:10 PM

I too ride a lot of mountain, but started to ride more road. I had a Simonetti alluminum that was light but stiff, I got a Bianchi Mega X st (Dedacci steel)and built it up with Campy Chorus and Easton carbon fork etc. I ride a 53, on the Simonetti I rode a 54. The Bianchi is soooo smooth. I can ride 50 miles and my back doesn't get tired like on the Simmonetti. I will never part with it, it's a great ride! I'm 5'10", 31 inseam and the bike fits me perfect..

re: Newbie looking to get a roadbike. Q's about Bianchithomrd
Aug 17, 2003 4:32 PM
I too am transitioning from a MTB to a road bike as I find I mostly ride roads and am tired of lugging a 28lb. MTB up and down road hills. After testing numerous bikes, I also liked the Bianchis (Vigorelli & the Veloce). I liked the ride and it fit me well. Then I rode a Lemond Zurich and just fell in love. Very smooth ride even over pot holes but also accelerated really well and handled wonderfully. The Zurich is a little over your price point (about $1,800) but you may want to check the Buenos Aires which is very similar with a mix of 105/Ultegra and is $1,500. The steel used on these Lemonds is a higher grade than that used on the Bianchis (to my limited knowledge) and I have yet to read anything bad about the Lemonds. You may want to at least give them a ride: Also check out and go into the community forums (buying section). Lots of really helpful people there. Hope this helps.