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road bike for a clydesdale(6 posts)

road bike for a clydesdalekclefty30
Aug 16, 2003 2:25 PM
I'm new to road biking and need some help in finding the right bike for me. I'm a big guy, 6'3", 230#, 36" inseam. I've already determined that I should be riding a 61-63cm frame. I could use some help in find the bike which would best accommodate my weight. I'm looking to spend no more then $2,000.

re: road bike for a clydesdalegeeker
Aug 16, 2003 3:02 PM
The Eddy Merckx MX Leader is a legendary clydesdale frame. You could get one from, with Shimano 105 kit, for just under $2 grand (there's a special on 105; have him build 36-spoke wheels). Campy Veloce would be slightly more. But mail order can only be recommended *if* you're certain about what size frame to get.
re: road bike for a clydesdaleAkirasho
Aug 16, 2003 3:05 PM
... weightwise, you won't have any problems finding a frame and components that will be reliable and durable for a person your size...

Sizewise, while not impossible to find, many shops are hard pressed to have a large selection of frames in the 60-64cm range for you to test ride...

Moneywise, $2000 will buy you lots of quality options with most frame materials.

Of course, you'll want to steer clear from stoopidlite stuff... but that doesn't mean you have to settle for a tank. There are plenty of choices... but you may have to look a bit harder than someone 2" shorter!

FWIW, I've near enuff to your size (about an inch shorter) and ride a variety of frames... I've kinda preferred aluminium in the past (Cannondale and Klein) but do have a titanium bike that is remarkably stiff...

Welcome to the roads less travelled and good luck in your search.

Be the bike.
I'm your sizeAtombomber
Aug 16, 2003 4:44 PM
190cm/105kg = 6'3"/230#

60cm Trek 5200 w/Xsyrium Elites. I could have gone with a 62cm w/ shorter stem and less post showing, but am very happy with the fit of the 60cm. Don't know what the price is in the US though, on sale for $3500CDN.
re: road bike for a clydesdaleHedgehog
Aug 16, 2003 6:29 PM
I am close to your size 6'1" (215) but same inseam (36"). I just bought a Cannondale r800, caad5 frame, 105 drivetrain, I paid $1600cdn.

I had to go with the 63cm frame to avoid too much drop between saddle and stem. I also had to go to a shorter stem 100mm (I have a shorter torso than legs). I was/am a little paranoid about the paired spoke wheels (16 per wheel) but the guy at the lbs said they would be ok.
2nd the motion for at least a 63cory
Aug 17, 2003 10:51 AM
I'm a little taller than you, same inseam and weight. I rode for years (like 25) on 62cm frames, because that's the biggest many companies make and the biggest most shops stock. Three years ago I checked Rivendell's fit instructions, and they put me on a 65. The Atlantis didn't come in 65 in those days (it does now), so I got a 64. It made a HUGE difference in comfort.
The common belief that a smaller frame is better because it's lighter and stiffer probably doesn't work well for anybody, and it certainly doesn't work when it compromises comfort, because that limits the time you can stay on the bike. Just for drill, take a look at and see how big a frame they'd put you on.
As for what to buy, look at Rivendell's Romulus and Redwood (same bike; over 65cm it changes names). It's a little unconventional by modern standards, but I've never heard of anybody being sorry he bought one.