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Bottom bracket noises... How worried should I be?(4 posts)

Bottom bracket noises... How worried should I be?RoadHazzardBuzz
Aug 15, 2003 5:52 PM
I went on a moderate paced ride today. As I was going up hills, I would occasionally hear 1 or 2 clicks as I was applying some decent torque to the pedals. It sounds like it is coming from the bb, but I'm not positive. On the flats, regardless of speed and torque, I didn't hear the noise. I am going on a metric on Sunday. Should I panic and play around with it before the ride, or let it go for now until it gets worse and I can really figure out what is happening?
re: Bottom bracket noises... How worried should I be?zero85ZEN
Aug 15, 2003 6:35 PM
I was a shop rat for years...take the followng for what it's worth...but that is my "statement of credentials" :-)

Impossible to know what the problem is from your discription, of course. But creaking noises often do originate in the BB. Could be you need to grease the spindle arms where the crank arms attach. Could be that you need to tighten the crank arms. Could be that you need to do both of the above. Could be that you need to tightend the BB. Could be that the noise is coming from somewhere else entirely.
I recently had a creak that I was convinced was coming from my BB and come to find out it was my front hub/axle/quick release.
Should you worry. Why worry? It's not as if it's a perfect world we live in.
Check it out, or have a good shop check it out for you. It's probably not something major. Very likly a simple fix.
Of course it COULD be your frame is cracked and about to come apart. But...probably not!

Up hills.....hmmmm....the bull
Aug 15, 2003 8:04 PM
THE FRONT WHEEL? On flats shift body over the frt wheel-or swap out frt wheel.
Worth a shot.
Aug 15, 2003 8:17 PM
One test would be to take the chain off and spin the cranks slowly by hand. This lets you feel any obvious grinding or bearing problems. Then, grab each crank arm and torque them side to side to see if the cranks or bb is loose. Also, you can just grab one crank arm, flex it side to side while holding a finger against the junction where the faced bb shell meets the protruding threads of the bb. If you feel a lot of movement between the two, that might be the problem.
I just fixed a bb click. The underside of my saddle was rubbing against the saddle rails and the saddle clamp. Some grease where they made contact fixed the click.