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Cause of blackout found! more....(12 posts)

Cause of blackout found! more....ClydeTri
Aug 15, 2003 10:10 AM
Reuters is reporting that the cause of the massive blackout was an electrical short of a whirlpool heater in the NYC apartment of a Mr. Cosmo Kramer.
Nah, I'm blaming those darn Canucks! (nm)kjr39
Aug 15, 2003 10:49 AM
Cut 'em some slack....PEDDLEFOOT
Aug 15, 2003 11:55 AM
...isn't it bad enough they have to live in Canada!!! :-)
Cut 'em some slack....Jon Billheimer
Aug 15, 2003 12:18 PM
Ouch! You know how to hurt a guy, Hosehead!!:)- Our compensation, though, is good beer...and no Dubya!
Now, they are saying that it's the Buckeyes faultkjr39
Aug 15, 2003 5:43 PM
But, you really can't blame them...

I mean, they have only had power and indoor plumbing in Buckeyeland for the last 10 or so years. :P
Blame Canada... We'll be at war with them soon enough!spyderman
Aug 16, 2003 8:58 AM
Aug 15, 2003 12:47 PM
It doesn't bother me, since I still have electricity. Espresso in the morning and cold beer after work or a ride. Nice clean fresh mountain air to breath and cool nights to sleep comfortably without the need of an airconditioner.

If your compatriots would use less electricity there would be more for the essentials. Suffer a bit in the heat, dim the lights, etc. It doesn't take much effort. Just use what most Americans lack (besides the good diction,) common sense.
After obtaining more infoAtombomber
Aug 16, 2003 11:12 AM
Ontario (even more specifically their Electricity Board) is one of the parties to blame for the electricity problems in Eastern North America. Equal blame can be shared by the equivalent Electrical Grid managers of the affected American States for having an inferior distribution system.

That Latte was tasty this morning with breakfast, and the post ride ice cold smoothie was extra yummy. Now, what else can I do with electricity which is taken for granted?
We didn't do it but keep complaining and we'll do it again! nmSnowbird
Aug 15, 2003 6:07 PM
maybe it's the virus worm going around (nm)2300 Edmontonian
Aug 15, 2003 11:56 AM
no, it's f/n Gray Davis! nmThe Human G-Nome
Aug 15, 2003 12:02 PM
everything is his fault.
NYC, America's attention whoresSpoiler
Aug 15, 2003 4:08 PM
I'm starting to respect the self-absorbed Californians.