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Bicycles and Motorcycle - Similarities and Differences(14 posts)

Bicycles and Motorcycle - Similarities and DifferencestwowheelMarc
Aug 15, 2003 6:25 AM
As I am now getting more and more into road riding it is taking away from my motorcyle riding, but thats ok because I am skinnier now that I pedal along instead of hitting the gas. As an avid motorcyclist (I have 3 motorcycles, 2 bicycles) I was just pondering the similarities and differences between motorcycles (particulary sportbikes) and bicycles. I have thought of a few, please feel free to add anything you think of:

-They both have 2 wheels
-Cage (car) drivers don't think you belong on the road
-There are posers for each (fred's and squids)
-When cars hit us they always say they didn't see us
-Road condition is very important
-Getting caught in the rain really sucks
-Washing the bikes after getting caught in the rain really sucks too
-People can just push them away if you don't lock them up
-You always have to think about what you're wearing before you get on
-Stop and go sucks
-Traffic sucks

-You only notice hills on a bicycle when you're moving - and only when stopped on a motorcycle.
-Fuel on a cycle consists of power bars etc. motor is hi octane stuff that you'd never drink
-Do 30 MPH on a cycle an you're incredible - do 30 mph on a motor and there is probably something wrong with you.
-Lean Angle, there is nothing like lean angle on a motor (got to love those fat tires) try that lean angle on a cycle and you'll be cleaning road rash for a while.
-Leathers!! Try riding your bicycle in leathers (let me know how you do)
-Helmets - enough said
-Braking - front brake on a bicycle, left hand, motorcycle right hand, rear brake on a bicycle, right hand, motorcycle right foot.
-Gearing motorcycle 5 or 6 gears is enough to cover you from 0 to 170 mph - bicycle 18-27 gears for 0 to 40mph

There are many others, please add what you think i missed, I'll try to think of some more
hitting pavement is faster on a bikekenyee
Aug 15, 2003 6:37 AM
Some folks have described the slow motion effect as you lay down a motorcycle. Bicyclists just say they don't know what happened.

You can endo more easily on a bicycle (no suspension so hitting anything trips you).

Some motorcycles have ABS to keep you from locking up the brakes and going into a skid.

You can get kevlar motorcycling clothing to try to minimize road rash.
Suspension - AHHH Suspension!!twowheelMarc
Aug 15, 2003 6:40 AM
Observations of someone who never has been on a motorcyclems
Aug 15, 2003 7:06 AM
Other similarities:

1. People think that anyone who rides on two wheels is strange.

2. Notwithstanding stereotypes about the people who ride bicycles/motorcycles, both groups are fairly diverse. Two examples: (1) In June I was having lunch at a roadside place when a motorcycle group arrived. After speaking to the group, I discovered that among the riders were not only stereotypical motorcyclists (long hair, large guts, blue collar), but a college professor, a middle-aged secretary and a couple of clean-cut military guys. (2) An loosely organized group that I ride with on Thursday nights includes from time to time a construction worker, a mechanic, a lawyer (me), a gift shop owner, a computer programmer, etc.

3. People who ride on two wheels know a great deal about rural roads and alternate routes than those who stay in their cars (the people who travel only on four-lane divided highways if they can help it).

Other Differences:

1. People on bicycles wear colors (i.e., Telekom "magenta") that motorcyclists never would wear.

2. More motorcyclists seem to ride with their significant others.
Aug 15, 2003 7:17 AM
That's why my road bike is set up with front brake, right hand. Don't ride a motorcycle too often any more but don't want to hesitate or have to think about it when I do.
Aug 15, 2003 10:22 AM
My BMW R1150RT is ABS-equipped, right-front braking, 100+ mph fun. The road bikes and mtn bike are all left-front braking. Talk about some STRONG brakes. That BMW has some of the strongest brakes I've ever felt.

The only thing I figure is that it is a slightly different skill set to ride motorcycles, so don't have a problem switching back and forth. YMMV.

re: Bicycles and Motorcycle - Similarities and DifferencesPhatMatt
Aug 15, 2003 7:54 AM
People think your looney when you spend thousand's on each.
The freedom of not being confined to a box.

re: Bicycles and Motorcycle - Similarities and DifferencesSteve_0
Aug 15, 2003 8:02 AM
- About 90 percent of each camp spends way too much coinage on technology they never benefit from

- Commuters dont wash their bikes.

- Tourers enjoy long wheelbases

- Both camps like to think that non-cyclists hold opinions about cyclists.

- Maintenance is cheaper and best done yourself

- Rubber goes too fast

Differences between myself and twowheeleMark:

1. Dont mind riding in the rain in the least (Aerostich)
2. I NEVER think about what i'm wearing on the bicycle; ALWAYS do on the bike
3. (urban) Traffic is fun on the Bicycle
4. My bikes aren't washed after the rain; they're only washed BY the rain.

Lastly, to qualify 'they didnt see us'; the police will never issue a citation after a cage knocks a cyclist because, of course, 'the driver didnt see them'. As if thats acceptable.
re: Bicycles and Motorcycle - Similarities and Differencesrwbadley
Aug 15, 2003 8:29 AM
Same: I can ride both the bike and the motorbike well over 80mph.

The difference is: I would have to be falling off the cliff to do so on the bike.
when you get hit by a car...gtx
Aug 15, 2003 8:32 AM
On a bike, you bounce. On a motorcycle, your leg gets caught between the 4000 pound car car and the 500-600??? pound motorcycle.
Obvious DifferencesFez
Aug 15, 2003 9:14 AM

1) Both are fun to ride
2) Riders of either face inherent danger sharing the road with cars.


1) Side effects of riding the bike include a conditioned aerobic system, better physique, and increased power production.
2) You condition your engine the more your ride your bike. The power output of the motorcycle engine remains more or less constant absent any modifications.
I'll disagree on the part about hills.djg
Aug 15, 2003 9:52 AM
I don't ride a cycle anymore, but in the years that I did I always noticed hills when I was moving. Not because there wasn't enough power but because there always seemed to be more--I never got over that cool feeling of accelerating all the way up a hill.
Scraping foot pegs is fun on a sportbike...JFR
Aug 15, 2003 10:52 AM
Pedal striking on a road bike is not.
re: Bicycles and Motorcycle - Similarities and Differenceslemmy999
Aug 15, 2003 10:58 AM
I get much hotter when I ride my motorcyle (Ducati 916) becaue of the extra clothing and the heat off of the engine and the exhaust. Easier to do wheelies on a motorcycle too. The biggest similarity in my opinion is that cagers are our worst enemy. The sensation of speed is much higher on a bicycle. 50mph scares me more on a bicycle than 160mph does on a motorcycle (I don't do 160 on the street, I used to race).