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what's the dif. b/w a TCR 2 and 1 ??(6 posts)

what's the dif. b/w a TCR 2 and 1 ??capt pearl
Aug 15, 2003 6:20 AM
Same frame, the dif. is the groupo, right?

I know the frame got rave reviews when it came out, but haven't noticed much about it recently, other than the occasional mention of the carbon frame (waaaaaay out of my price range).

Would this be a good frame for a mountain biker who wants to do triathlons, group road ride, and generally haul arse on the tarmac?

Is this a really brutal frame and is not having carbon stays going to pound me?

I guess I'm basically asking - How does the TCR compare to the other ~1K Felt's, Fuji's, Trek's, etc.? Will the compact geometry work for me - I'm 6'2", 170#, and wear 33" pants (yeah, I know, that's not a real number!).


capt p
re: what's the dif. b/w a TCR 2 and 1 ??sievers11
Aug 15, 2003 7:49 AM
I think the TCRs are nice bikes. And you shouldn't have any trouble using their compact are probably a large, but could fit a XL. Just make sure your local bike shop knows what they are doing when it comes to fitting, read up on giants site, because you dealer should have a mess of stems anf seat posts to get the bike fitting perfectly.

The tcr 1 and 2 have the same frame and fork. The difference is in the parts. Ultegra vs 105...better saddle and better wheels. I am not sure what the price differences are, but I know the tcr 1 is a good deal, I would think they differ in price $200-300? if so that is worth the upgrade.

I am not a huge fan of ultegra, 105 weighs roughly the same and for the most part you should have two sets of wheels anyway so the TCR2 wheels would make a fine training set. Then get some fancey low spoke count, deep rims from the fast club rides and tri stuff.

FYI...a local race team here rides these...they all have the tcr2 and all of them kick butt in Cat 3 crit, road and tt.
re: what's the dif. b/w a TCR 2 and 1 ??tempeteOntheRoad
Aug 15, 2003 7:53 AM
No other difference than gruppo. It is a great fame, and a great value bike. I ride a medium TRC2 over very rough roads and have had no problems after 6000km. I am smaller in height but heavier (183pounds... eh!)

I shopped and compared a lot before getting and I have been around bikes all my life, behing myself an ex MTB racer, and triathlon competitive junior... I am 34 now.

Get a large frame, 175mm cranks, get the newest frame (double seatpost clamp is much better) and enjoy.

I tell you, I have ridden many frames/brand/material and this 105 equipped bike has a lot to offer; shaped tubes, replaceable derailleur hanger, carbon gizmos where it counts. The bent rear alu stays have posed no problems to my comfort. Climbs like a true short-chain stays should.

A bit shacky at speed. Is it the fork, the short wheel base? still confident at 75km/h on a dirt road!!! (yes, sir! I may be slower than in my youth, but still as crazy)

Pro level, no matter what they say; the rest is only how much you pay for components. True High Class frame. Price wize; a winner.

double seatpost clampcapt pearl
Aug 15, 2003 11:12 AM
I've read that there were problems with seatpost slippage if it wasn't shimmed just right. Glad to see Giant got off it's huge corporate arse and addressed it.

I'm actually looking for a used bike (budget) and may have to learn the joys of TCR seatpost setup the hard way.

Are you pleased with the wheels? That and the saddle seem the only items I'd likely replace prior to groupo renovations.

Gracias for the info.

-capt p
seat and wheels...tempeteOntheRoad
Aug 15, 2003 12:33 PM
My bike is a 2001, and was sold with the Selle Italia Carbon rail, the one with a slightly downward nose. I got some numbness when riding seated on the roller for too long... The seat now sits atop my mountain bike... Since i stand up more riding on trails. Very personnal choice, but I'm used to my selle Italia titanium now, and I can't find my all time favorite San Marco Titanio anymore.

The wheels where (are) Mavic cxp21 or something. Great wheels I say, rode in the very harsh spring roads/streets of montreal and surroundings. I am a bit heavy, but they stood out great. Since they are mounted by some Asian robot, they did need one re-adjustment. But my local shop is absolutely excellent with wheels. No need to fiddle with those.

I would consider getting a nice set of racing wheel if I was racing. But then, I'd have to be serious to justify (to myself) the expense. Mavic rims and 105 hubs are perfect for me. They have nothing to do with me having trouble keeping up with the "true racers".. ha ha!

Nota: I have experienced some seatpost slippage, And do have to re-adjust after a good deal of hard bumpy road/mileage. So far, it don't piss me off. And I still blame my fat a$$ more than the bike desing/material. Seat posts sinks a few mm... nothing to stop your ride. I was told by the mech at the shop to... tighten more!

I LOVE my bike which I got brand new for 1400$ canadian, including 15% GST...

Still, I wish I could afford the carbon frame. I'd still get it with shimano 105... The "top of the line" stuff don't phaze me.

It's the engine that counts.
double seatpost clampmtnb1kr
Aug 16, 2003 2:49 AM
I have the 2000 TCR1. It has the single seatpost clamp. I can't speak for the double cause I don't know but mine uses a seatpost spacer to size it to 27.2. The original spacer sucked. Seatpost would slip and creak. Got an aftermarket post shim. No more issues. No slippage or creaking.