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Need info/Bike glove/cover or some such item(1 post)

Need info/Bike glove/cover or some such itemnealrab
Aug 14, 2003 7:39 PM
OK, so like the rest of you fanatics I'm into protecting and keeping my bikes in primo condition. That's just who I am and why I ride the roads not the mountains (as in mtn bikes). Has anyone found a bike cover that is zippered or fully enclosable for protecting one's machine when attached to a car rack. The purpose would be to prevent damage, etc. when driving on extremely dusty, muddy, rock-strewn roads, or when driving long distances and running into all types of conditions. I kmow there would need to be some ports left open for attchment to rack, but these could be minimized to allow for maximum protection. Does such an item exist anywhere or can it be made somehow? Any other suggestions besides a carrier for a disassembled bike?
Thanks in advance for any ideas or places to look.