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Dave Hickey and others-How're those Weyless Carbon cranks?(15 posts)

Dave Hickey and others-How're those Weyless Carbon cranks?KG 361
Aug 14, 2003 5:06 PM
I'm itching to go with a carbon crank for the KG 361 but I'm too cheap to plunk down the change for an FSA. Do you like the Weyless since you've put them on? How are they holding up?
Just curious: why spend more than DA for _heavier_ cranks? nmBergMann
Aug 14, 2003 8:25 PM
Just curious: why spend more than DA for _heavier_ cranks? nmfiltersweep
Aug 15, 2003 5:11 AM
...and less stiff, according to test reports. I have more than a ridiculous amount of carbon on my bike, but not the cranks. I honestly believe carbon is best suited for vibration dampening more than anything else- the lightest frames out there are still usually aluminum...
Because?!KG 361
Aug 15, 2003 6:03 AM
Just like the looks of carbon, that's all. My D/A are getting a little worn and I'm just exploring my options. What I really would like are the Ritchey cranks, which by the reports I've read, are stiffer, lighter, and cheaper than all of them. Can't find them right now. Any Ideas? nmJuanmoretime
Aug 15, 2003 8:10 AM
Did have them. Don't now. nmKG 361
Aug 15, 2003 9:16 AM
re: Dave Hickey and others-How're those Weyless Carbon cranks?Juanmoretime
Aug 15, 2003 1:17 AM
I've bought a set of FSA Carbon Pro Team Issue and love the cranks. I run Campy 10 speed so I also bought the FSA Ultimate ti ISIS bottom bracket. There has been a guy on Ebay selling the cranks for $219. I bought mine from wisecyclebuys for $259 and $79 for the bottom bracket, no shipping cost. William will match Buyitnow prices for new goods on Ebay. Great deal on a great crank.
Just talked to William.KG 361
Aug 15, 2003 9:33 AM
Great guy. I got the FSA team issue for $264.95, plus free shipping. Got an Ultegra BB, too, so I can put my old D/A on my rain/commuter bike. Thanks for the tip!
KG: post a comparison of FSA rings w/ DA when you get the chanceBergMann
Aug 15, 2003 8:37 PM
I've been going back and forth between Dura Ace 2004 and getting the FSA 10-speed ("campy"/ISIS) setup for a new bike I'm building up.

I'm a big fan of the performance of DA rings, but damn those new cranks are _ugly_, and I'm sure they're going to cost a pretty penny too.

I'd be interested to hear how you feel the shifting on the FSA rings compares to that of your current DA 7700 setup.
Will do.KG 361
Aug 16, 2003 9:57 AM
Those new D/A cranks have got to be the UGLIEST things ever produced for a bike. What the h*ll were they thinking? Smoking crack, I suspect.....
Who had the FSA bb for $79?BergMann
Aug 15, 2003 11:15 PM
Did you get the FSA Platinum Pro Ti BB? Who did you quote for the $79 price match?

Have the cranks or BB on the scale for actual weights?
Isn't Dave Hickey off riding Paris-Brest-Paris?tarwheel
Aug 15, 2003 9:50 AM
if I'm not mistaken ... I believe Dave is otherwise occupied
Perhaps you're right.KG 361
Aug 15, 2003 9:55 AM
No matter. I just got a FSA team issue for $15 more than the Weyless and free shipping, too, so it's a wash!
I don't think so (PBP)JS Haiku Shop
Aug 15, 2003 10:03 AM
I don't recall Dave mentioning riding any qualifiers. also, you have to be a RUSA member to qualify for PBP, and Dave's last name isn't showing in the RUSA db search.

he may be in Margaritaville, though. :)
my mistake -- Dale Brigham is doing PBPtarwheel
Aug 15, 2003 12:09 PM
I knew it was one of the guys who use their "real" names.