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Best road frame for 5k(21 posts)

Best road frame for 5krobocomp
Aug 14, 2003 4:40 PM
With 5k , why bother with just the frame ?(nm)eayste
Aug 14, 2003 5:31 PM
One thats stiff and compliant! (nm)firstrax
Aug 14, 2003 6:21 PM
If your only going 5k I would just run it! nmthe bull
Aug 14, 2003 6:23 PM
Sweet. nmSpoiler
Aug 14, 2003 7:08 PM
Aug 14, 2003 7:07 PM
This kind of inquiry is just asking folks to flame away. Investing that much in a bike but willing to take the advice of anonymous folks on the internet? No description of your kind of riding, weight, experience level.

I personally believe you can get the best frames in the world for under $4k from Serotta, Seven, Colnago, Moots, Sachs, whatever floats your boat. There's no one right answer. And if you've gotta ask strangers, then it is more bike that you need.

But of course I own more bike than I need and I don't hold that against anyone...
Aug 15, 2003 5:08 AM
Exactly- the issue that "if you have to ask"... I mean seriously, anyone THAT serious about their ride with that kind of money better already have an idea what they like.
You can't buy much of a frame for 5000 Yen..............nmMR_GRUMPY
Aug 14, 2003 7:10 PM
Ottrotterry b
Aug 14, 2003 7:21 PM
well that's the most obscenely priced production frame I know of (4890 with that pivoted carbon ST rear) but it's a little bit short of your goal.

Maybe Serotta would throw in a t-shirt though for $110 to help you spend the full 5k.
no, serotta would charge $150 for the t-shirt (nm)tarwheel
Aug 15, 2003 4:21 AM
No, I think the t-shirt is free when you pay 150 bucks to joindjg
Aug 15, 2003 7:13 AM
the members club, which provides a free shirt.
re: Best road frame for 5krobocomp
Aug 14, 2003 7:35 PM
I gather from your responses that either there is no frame worth this or that there is a frame out there that costs much less and rides as nice as a 5k frame. Thanks for all the help people. I thought we had some knowledgable souls on this site. I was a little presumptuous. Sorry, I will try a different board.
Now, hold on there pardner...rwbadley
Aug 14, 2003 8:27 PM
First off, there are darn few semi-mass or low production run frames that approach 5k. That is at the very upper limit of high tech quality frame cost. The truth is, once you get past a certain price point, they are all pretty good.

If you have been cycling for a fair length of time, you will have grown to like certain things about certain bikes, and know your strengths and weakness with regard to ability. If you are in need of the highest caliber bike frame, it is because you have experienced a certain amount of schlock and know the finer points of frame design.

To say that a frame is worth that price is in the eye and wallet of the buyer. At that price point it may be mostly bragging rights you are buying. The truth is, it really depends on what you are used to, what you are hoping to achieve, and what level your experience is at.

I have hung around this board long enough to know that some of the sharpest (bike; and not just bike) minds can be found here. I have grown to respect with highest regard the opinions of many fellow RBR posters.

The timing of a post will affect the quantity and character of the feedback. I might suggest you watch the ebb and flow of the board for a while, then you may be able to form a more informed opinion.

Either that, or hop on over to the board, I'm pretty sure they will be able to fill you in on the merits of the 5k frame.

You got trolledgeeker
Aug 14, 2003 8:35 PM
"Robocomp" used to troll the cycling newsgroups, using several monickers.
Robocomp, are you back?gogene
Aug 14, 2003 8:43 PM
What's the matter, the fabulous LiteSpeed that you worked so hard to get not good enough? First you troll the Serotta forum (and they didn't put up with him for long) and now you ask your dipstick question here.

There is no such thing as a "best" 5k frame. Like the other poster said, when you reach that plateau, they are all damn good and it becomes a personal choice. If you have to have others make your choices for you, that's sad.
It was my pleasure...rwbadley
Aug 14, 2003 8:54 PM
sometimes it's amusing to return calls to the stripey @ssed babboon.
Best troll under 30 chars?OffTheBack
Aug 15, 2003 5:08 AM
Robocomp's not a troll....davet
Aug 15, 2003 5:48 AM
.... he puts his butt on the line and likes people to kick it. He's a nipschitz. He claims to be a 'real' mind doctor, and if he is his patients must be really strange.
Maybe right - funny storygeeker
Aug 15, 2003 5:58 AM
A year or so ago, "Robocomp" was practically spamming the cycling newsgroups with "Best mail order Litespeed", "What size frame do I need" [he seemed to have no clue] and "LBS's s**k" threads. Led to a bunch of flame wars, with sensible people advising him to use a LBS and get fitted, Robocomp objecting, etc.

Shortly thereafter, he spammed the newsgroups (using another, poorly disguised monicker) with exaggerated "FA: Litespeed frame" posts. Apparently his online fit/purchase resulted in a frame that didn't fit. All this is in the archives somewhere.
I vaguely remember that! NMjtolleson
Aug 15, 2003 7:09 AM
mine. i'll even throw in the fork & headset. (nm)_rt_
Aug 15, 2003 6:24 AM