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Source for Sestriere Wheels(6 posts)

Source for Sestriere Wheelsdickruthlynn
Aug 14, 2003 11:10 AM
Anyone know of a good source for these wheels?
re: Source for Sestriere Wheelsrussw19
Aug 14, 2003 12:24 PM
The Sestriere's are old stock. Basically they are now the Bontrager Race X Lites. The current Rolf wheel to the Sestriere is now the Prima Elan. It's a 20 front, 24 rear spoked wheel and is claimed at 1250 grams for the pair. The older Rolf wheels were licensed to Trek to copy as their current Bontrager wheels. If you are looking for these, you can get them at any Trek, Lemond, Fisher, or Klein dealer as all 4 fall under the TCG umbrella. Otherwise, you can get the Prima Elans from anyone who wants to open an account with Rolf Prima.

Here's a cut and paste from Rolf's website which explains the distinction between the Trek licensed Rolf Wheels and the non-Trek Rolf Primas....

For service on "Rolf Wheels" Branded wheels


"In early 1996, Trek Bicycle Corporation licensed Rolf's paired spoke technology to manufacture and distribute a line of bicycle wheels that were sold under the "Rolf Wheels" brand name. These wheels are easily identified by the name "Rolf Wheels" on the rim decal.

These models were discontinued in December, 2001 when Rolf departed Trek to form his own wheel company called Rolf Prima. Although Trek and other companies continue to license our paired spoke technology, Rolf Prima Inc. is a separate entity with no affiliation with Trek. Our products can be easily identified by the brand: Rolf Prima. Rolf Prima wheels share no parts with the older, Trek-built wheels and no parts are interchangeable between the two brands. Rolf Prima CANNOT provide parts or service for "Rolf Wheels" branded wheels."

Have fun,

Aug 15, 2003 5:25 AM
Ijust recieved a pair of Elans. They are 1250grmas and very nice wheels. Also you dont have to worry about replacing the rim tape. Its extra tough and comes on the wheel. They came with wheel bags Ti skewers and warrenty. Usually pay extra for that stuff. I wish my zipps and cane creeks had wheel bags and didnt charge me $100 for Ti skewers
Aug 15, 2003 1:04 PM
Nice! Is this what you replaced your Am C 420's with?

They sound like nice wheels.. I was really leary of the older designs... not enough spokes for my fat butt. But these sound nice and I know someone else on them (much lighter guy than me) who swears by them.

re: Source for Sestriere Wheelsdickruthlynn
Aug 15, 2003 8:07 AM
Could you plase tell me the spoke count F&R for the Sestrieres? had thempedalpete
Aug 14, 2003 4:13 PM
that was a few months ago, but it's worth a shot. as I recall, they were well priced.