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Crossing over from a CX to a Roadie: Sizing(4 posts)

Crossing over from a CX to a Roadie: Sizingjrm
Aug 14, 2003 7:11 AM
Im 42, 5'8, 32.25" (inseam in shoes) and 180lbs. Im on a square 55cm CX Kelly that ive had a year. I n that year ive been using the bike mostly on the road as a road bike and a commuter. Due to some unfavorable aerodynamic geometry and handling characteristics im considering either keeping this bike as is and buying a road bike or swapping most of the parts and using some other parts i have to build a road bike. But i need to buy a frameset.

Im steering towards either XO or 853 steel or 6061 aluminum. I rode a Compact Giant TCR for some time but didnt like it. I think a standard 53cm frame with a 55cm TT and steep road geometry will do the trick. Ill be using a Kinesis CF fork. I dont have much money to spend right now due to uncertainity about the future of my job. Any one out there have any suggestions on frames. Thanks in advance. Have a good one.

Yo, John....Zonic Man
Aug 14, 2003 7:39 AM
I was thinking...about my fit as compared to yours...we're all different in terms of body shape/size, inseam, sternal notch, arm measurements, flexibility, what we are looking for in a bike, etc.

ALSO, you have to keep in mind that various fitters have differing approaches. For example, go into two separate pro fitters to get a fit done, and you're likely to get two separate recommendations.

Keep in mind also that what I've found in my fitting was the top tube length was a good starting point, but then there is also the consideration of saddle setback behind BB center, and from there, stem to bar reach.

I do 60+ milers quite a bit here in sac (one or two every weekend, and 40 milers 2-3x a week) and ride a bunch of flats where I'm in the same static position.

I also wanted a quicker, stiffer "crit" type bike as well, so that may have come into play when they were designing the geometry.

Don't buy off the rack. Go custom. You'll be happier, I'm sure of it. This means: SAVE UP AND GET THE RIGHT BIKE!

On the other hand, my LBS has a size "Medium" compact full carbon Giant TCR hanging up right now with fork and headset for $900.....
re: Crossing over from a CX to a Roadie: Sizingrussw19
Aug 14, 2003 9:24 AM
Hey John, I would tell you that you need to see what the bottom bracket hight is on your Kelly and check that to road bike geometry. Most CX bikes have a higher BB than a road bike, so a 53 CX bike seems to fit more like a 55 road bike, but if you are on a 55 already, I doubt that to be the case. I had a Specialized CX bike that the BB was higher and the 54 fit like my 56 Cannondale road bike. So check that info first.

Does your current top tube/stem combo feel good to you on your CX bike? If so, break out the geometry charts and see what is the same in some different road bikes. At 5'8", I have to admit I am surprised that you ride a 55 and not a 53. I am 6' even and ride a 55 Pinarello, but I admit I have a 130mm stem on it. Also, my frame is C to C, make sure you take some accurate measurements of yours. Note the size in C to C, C to top of top tube, and C to top of seat collar. It will help you compare to other bikes that measure these ways too. I would take a tape measurer and take down every dimension you can think of on your current bike if it's comfortable.. if not, then skip this, but that way you know where you stand when setting up your next bike.

As for your new frame... I may actually be able to get you a really good deal on either an OX or 853 frame. I work at a shop that has access to a few frame builders that are closing out 03 frames. Email me at for more info if you want it. I don't want to give the impression that I am advertising here, so I won't post specifics, but I can do some checking for you if you like.

If I can help out more, just say the word.

re: I think i have it...jrm
Aug 15, 2003 6:35 AM
Seriously looking at a 54cm Fuji Roubaix Pro as the way to go. Hoping i can find one for a grand or less.