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Seatpost setback question(5 posts)

Seatpost setback question03Vortex
Aug 13, 2003 4:19 PM
I currently have my Aspide saddle KOP but the saddle is pushed back to 1cm from the front of the rails (or another way of saying it is right at the very front of the rail "guide"). I prefer to have it centered so I assume this means I need a setback seatpost? My Litespeed came with the Easton carbon CT-2 and while I realize that there are several choices, I am looking at going with the Easton carbon EC-70 which provides then setback I think I need. I just can't tell from the catalog pictures if it has too much setback. Thoughts would be appreciated.
P.S. Forgot to add..03Vortex
Aug 13, 2003 4:55 PM
The Aspide saddle has a rail length that appears to be 8cm total. Will the EC70 then achieve the post clamp being more centered on the saddle rail while maintaining KOP?
You might not need one...DINOSAUR
Aug 14, 2003 6:57 AM
You might not need an setback seatpost. I have an non-setback Thomson Elite on my main ride and the saddle is pushed almost all the way back in it's rails. If you can't get it back far enough, that's when you need a setback post.
They say it's better for the saddle rails if the saddle is centered in it's rails. I just keep an eye on my rails, it depends on which saddle you are using. I had a San Marco Era start to pull out from it's rails, but no problems with any other saddles I use (I switch saddles every now and then). If you look at photos of team bikes a lot of them are pushed way back it their rails. If you stick with the Aspide you should be o.k. it has real long rails, if you go to a different saddle you will have problems. Or- maybe you are like me and just looking for an excuse to buy a new toy for your bike...
Depends on a few things...Fez
Aug 14, 2003 8:21 AM
1. The amount of setback the design of the seatpost has to offer.

2. If the area where the seat rails sit is extra long, it can limit the amount of rearward travel of the seat.

3. The saddle itself. When I used an SLR Ti saddle, it was neatly centered on the rails. When I switched to a San Marco Era K, I found I had to move it further back of center to achieve the same position. The SLR also seemed to have more available rail to adjust either way. The Era K seems to have less.
Aug 14, 2003 1:45 PM
the distance from the centerline of the seatpost to the front of the seat rail clamp on your CT-2. This post is not shown on the easton website.

From the pictures on the easton website, the front of the clamp on the EC-70 is very close to 1.25cm or 1/2 inch behind the centerline. By comparison, traditional posts place the front of the clamp approximately at the centerline of the post. The front of the clamp is the limiting factor for setback.