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Ceramic coated Mavic Open Pro rims?(3 posts)

Ceramic coated Mavic Open Pro rims?my327vette
Aug 12, 2003 7:38 PM
Hi, I have assembled a commuter bike out of some parts I had laying around and a used frame I purchased on Ebay. I plan on using it for my 20 mile round-trip commute to work, but also some after work rides with my friends so I want it to be able to perform well too. I am using mostly Shimano 105 components. For wheels, I am considering purchasing a pair of wheels built with Shimano Ultegra hubs and ceramic coated Mavic Open Pro rims. The reason that I want the ceramic coated rims is because I work in the city and I want the extra stopping power when the weather is rainy. I am 5'9" and weigh about 200 pounds. I am not hard on bike parts and don't hit a lot of potholes or anything.

So my first question is, does anyone know any reason why these wheels might not be a good idea? Second, I am not sure how many spokes I should get. Would 28 spokes with brass nipples be a good choice or should I go with more spokes? Like I said, this is a commuter bike so I don't want fragile wheels, but I don't want to make them any heavier than they need to be either. And lastly, can anyone recommend a good builder who's prices are reasonable? I haven't seen too many places selling these wheels with the ceramic coated rims.

Well, one choice has already been made for you...biknben
Aug 13, 2003 4:06 AM
Ceramics only come in 32 & 36 hole drillings.

If you can't find a good local builder, have Excel or Colorado Cyclist build them up for you.
re: Ceramic coated Mavic Open Pro rims?MShaw
Aug 13, 2003 10:22 AM
I have a pair of Reflex Ceramics and like them. I don't notice too much of a difference braking, but then I live in San Diego where it never rains.

28 spokes are way too few if you're 200# and commuting on these wheels. I'd probably tell you to go 32 front and 36 rear db 14/15, just because. The difference between 28 and 36 spokes isn't a whole lot of weight. The rear is already in some seriously turbulent air, so the "extra" spokes aren't going to affect your speed too much.

The one thing I'll recommend is the Ceramic specific pads from Kool Stop. They seem to actually last. The normal pads I was running when I first got my wheelset were dead within a few rides.

Stick with at least a 23mm tire. 25mm is probably better. I like the Michelin Hilite Prestige tires that PBS keeps blowing out for cheap. They don't seem to be too heavy, but last a looooong time. Good for training wheels.

Best bet for a wheel build is to find the best guy locally. That way, if you have problems, you have someone local that knows your wheels. Failing that, I've heard good things about both Excel and CC, but bad things about Supergo and PBS. I think that the difference is that Excel and CC actually build their wheels, but PBS and Supergo buy theirs pre-built. I've never ridden any wheels from any of the above, so what I'm repeating is hearsay.

Good luck!