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Looking for a cheap workstand for bike cleaning .(6 posts)

Looking for a cheap workstand for bike cleaning .High Gear
Aug 12, 2003 3:24 PM
It has to stow away without taking up much room. Nashbar has a Minoura RSX (in the link below) for like $45. Is this thing stable? I know Minoura has been around for a long time, so I don't think they would make crap. For $45...I don't know.
I forget the name, but Performance has one...retro
Aug 12, 2003 3:53 PM
It might be called the Spin Doctor--name's changed since I got mine four or five years ago. Looks like an upside down Y, sort of. The long arm supports the down tube and holds the front wheel. You can't rotate the bike, but it's pretty stable and folds up to lean against the wall.
really cheapDaveG
Aug 12, 2003 4:22 PM
Nashbar Stand By Me - 10 bucks. I picked up one of these a couple of weeks ago. I needed something I could use for a quick chain lube or bike wash so I did not have to haul out my workstand. I was pleasantly surprised. It works well for light maintenence and is small and easy to stow. It won't replace a workstand for heavy repairs but its fine for quick stuff.
really cheapHigh Gear
Aug 12, 2003 5:03 PM
I couldn't find it on the Nashbar site.
really cheapDaveG
Aug 12, 2003 5:35 PM
its under Tools\Workstands on second page. Item NA-SBM
really really cheapboyd2
Aug 13, 2003 4:08 AM
You can make this one for about $10.