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Post your best Car Vs. Bike stories, here's mine(3 posts)

Post your best Car Vs. Bike stories, here's mineJo-Mama
Aug 11, 2003 4:30 PM
A post below got me wanting more.

Here is mine.

A buddy and I were winding down froma hard 50 miler on a smooth stretch of road. Speed limit was about 30 mph and there was moderate traffic with a large shoulder. Were riding along and these 4 high school girls pull up beside us and start yelling "Get off the road" etc. Well, my smartass side yells back "Show us your T1TS!!". That is when they really got pissed. I sped ahead and found out that my buddy takes his bottle and unloads it on the girl in the front seat. He then caught me at the red light a block up just as a huge bottle of Evian water comes skidding by. Well, he gets off, walks back, and as they are rolling up their windows as fast as possible he screams at them and then gives a nice dent on the side of their door. I doubt they'll be doing that again soon.

I guess in a way it was nice to get even with those types of drivers. I look at it as we (he) may have gone overboard, but it was provoked.

Then we both went and rode a hard 3 miles in 4 minutes and 14 seconds. We just had started riding the week before. Is that a good time??
re: Post your best Car Vs. Bike stories, here's mineFastFred
Aug 11, 2003 5:21 PM
"Then we both went and rode a hard 3 miles in 4 minutes and 14 seconds. We just had started riding the week before. "

LMAO - good one.
Tastes like chicken!TWD
Aug 11, 2003 7:48 PM
Have to go back to my younger and more foolish days for this one, but I decided to play chicken with a group of teenagers in a crappy little sedan. Sorta long story, but here goes.

I was out on a club ride with a strong group of about 15 guys. This car comes past, slows down and sprays coolaid all over the group as they pass us from behind. So of course, having about 30 water bottles in the group, people are dousing the kids right back.

So, they speed off and we regroup and start to form the paceline again. We're on a really hilly road, and as we start a downhill there was a steep drop that you can't see over. As we pick up speed to about 35 mph and drop over, we see the same car stopped in the middle of the road. Our group, now in a panic, parts like the red sea, and I cross the center line and go around to the left with a few other guys.

As we pass the car, they try squirting us again, and get the worse end of the deal with another volley from our water bottles, a bunch of fist pounding on the car, and one guy just threw a full water bottle which exploded nicely on the side of the car, which I'm sure left a dent.

After we pass they rev the engine and take off trying to pass us again on the left. So, I'm still out in the oncoming lane as they start to speed up. As they got close, I moved back over towards the yellow line to let them by. When they tryed to come around me, I looked over my shoulder made eye contact and then started to gently drift back across into their lane. The kid tried to sneak past on the shoulder, but I pulled my best impression of Robbie McEwen crossing the road to slam someone into the barriers (not that anyone knew who he was back then). The kid chickens out as I close down the gap on him, and he puts the car into the ditch right in some poor guy's front yard.

I don't think it did any damage to the car or the guy's yard, but it was funny as hell, and the rest of our group thought it was pretty cool. The kids, however, decided they had enough of messing with us and slunk off the other direction.

I have a wife and kids now, so I don't get to have this kind of fun anymore. Oh yeah, and I moved to a place that is super bike friendly, so my road rage skills are a little rusty.