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Bebop vs Speedplay X cleat durability(22 posts)

Bebop vs Speedplay X cleat durabilitylemmy999
Aug 11, 2003 1:22 PM
I have heard the Speedplay cleats are pretty easy to damage and do not last very long and are relatively high maitenance (lubing every time your ride, not really that big of a deal though). How would Bebop cleats on a road shoe be compared to Speedplay X cleats? Are they more durable? Do they require the SPD adapter for Sidi shoes? Thanks.
re: Bebop vs Speedplay X cleat durabilityTNSquared
Aug 11, 2003 1:30 PM
I can't comment on the bebops, but I've had speedplay x2's since early March with no problems.

I think the reports of issues with speedplays are a little overblown, frankly, assuming you take a few prudent steps. i paid the exra $10 for the cleat "coffe shop" caps and make a point to put the caps on the moment I clip out. the one time I didn't, alot of grit and sand got in the cleat springs, and yes that causes the springs to stick and creates a pain in the butt clean up job because you have to completely disassemble the cleats to clean them. However, again, with diligent use of the cleat caps no problems!

Also, I only lube the cleat springs and pedal interface about once a month. quick drop of dry lube and your done - about a 30 second job you can do while you're lubing your chain.

i love mine, fwiw
re: Bebop vs Speedplay X cleat durabilitylemmy999
Aug 11, 2003 1:37 PM
so do you just keep the covers in your jersey just in case something happens (injury, broken bike, etc) and you have to walk? I guess no road cleat/shoe combination holds up well to being walked on. Thanks.
re: Bebop vs Speedplay X cleat durabilityTNSquared
Aug 11, 2003 2:05 PM
yep, the cleat covers are not too bulky so I just stack them together and stick them in one of my jersey pockets. I've walked a fair distance with the cleat covers on (like half of a planned mountain "ride" lol) but they are not made for cruising the aisles at the grocery store or anything like that. The cleats themselves are probably bigger even than look style cleats. for lots of walking mtb shoes with spd cleats is probably the best option. for SAG stops, restroom breaks, etc., the speedplays have been fine
In jersey...peter1
Aug 11, 2003 2:08 PM
I have the covers and keep them in my jersey pockets. They're pretty flat. Don't know how much Bebop cleats cost, but Speedplays are about $35.

You do have to lube them every now and then (not every ride) or the springs will not return when you clip in, and you will crash trying to pull away from an intersection and scratch your new Campy derailleur.*

*Not that this ever happened to me...

Seriously, I am not 100 pct. happy with Speedplays, but I think it's a shoe compatibility issue. I have DMT's, which require shims under the cleats to keep them level. Problem is the shims work loose every now and then. Once the shoes (or pedals) wear out, I'm going to get either a dedicated system (like Time shoes and pedals), or a setup that doesn't require a kluge to work.

Cheers Peter
Aug 11, 2003 2:58 PM
The Speedplay shims have been improved over the last 2 years, at least the ones used with SIDI's. They don't slip now. Maybe you could get a new adaptor kit.
Big hoorah for Bebop cleats and pedals!Matno
Aug 11, 2003 2:32 PM
The cleats are, in a word, durable. I've had no problems with mine, and they already had a ton of use on them when I got them. (I have the original model, which hasn't even been made for over 6 years). In fact, I've never seen any that are anywhere near as worn as mine are, but functionally, they're still perfect. (With no end in sight!) Bebop claims they've never heard of a cleat wearing out from walking. (Although online I've heard of a couple getting worn down). The cleat/spring design is so stinking simple that it's hard to imagine how they would wear out.

Personally, I wouldn't use any kind of road shoe. I use Sidi Dominator 4's on my road bike, and they are great. Basically the same as the road model, but with tread. The weight difference is negligible (and well worth it IMO), and if you're worried about the aerodynamics of the bottom of your foot... well... But then, that has little to do with the comparison of Bebop vs Speedplay.

Yes, you would need the SPD adaptor for Sidi road shoes.

Bebop cleats cost about the same as Speedplay cleats: $30-35.
One more thing...Matno
Aug 11, 2003 2:35 PM
Bebop says their pedals don't need lube. I've never lubed mine, or felt a need for lube, and I've used them in mud and rain without a hitch. FWIW...
Big hoorah for Bebop cleats and pedals!lemmy999
Aug 11, 2003 4:38 PM
The bebop site claims that they make an adapter to adapt their cleats to Sidi road shoes and that all that is needed for Sidi MTB shoes is a little trimming of the lugs.
Dominators or Genius....lemmy999
Aug 12, 2003 4:52 AM
I already have some Dominators for my MTB that I use with eggbeaters. It seems that many want one shoe they can use with their road and MTB but I really don't want to go that route. If I buy some Genius shoes & Bebops I will be out maybe $240 but have road shoes and my always muddy MTB shoes. If I want to use the same shoes and buy 2 BeBops, then I am out $200 but only have one pair of always dirty shoes.

Is the reason so many recommend MTB shoes for the road (if you are using SPD,Frog,Bebop, or Eggbeater for the road) is the comfort for walking around? I will be doing very little walking unless something breaks on my bike.
You make a good point...Matno
Aug 12, 2003 11:03 AM
Dirty MTB shoes on a road bike are no fun. I'm with you on that one... However, the Sidi's with their fancy Lorica uppers wash off really well, and they don't get stiff or change at all when they get wet. Dry fast too.

You are correct that many recommend MTB shoes for the road because of the comfort of walking. Walking on cleats can be scary, even if you're just walking a little bit. (Like walking on ice).

The other reasons I do it are 1) because I don't like to wear out my cleats (even if it doesn't affect the performance, mentally, I'm wearing them out when I walk on pavement), and 2) because I can't stand the sound of grit rubbing between my cleats and the sidewalk. I am often surprised at how much walking I actually end up doing. Usually not much, but every now and then... Besides, I can't think of any reason NOT to get a MTB shoe.
You make a good point...lemmy999
Aug 12, 2003 12:07 PM
If I get BeBops, I think there are even more reasons to get a MTB shoe. The stack height would be lower since no adapter is needed. The only reasons I am considering a road shoe are 1) I am buying another pair of shoes they might as well be different (kind of a stupid reason) 2) if I don't like BeBops and don't want to go SPD, then I can try Look, SPD-SL, Speedplay X2, other road systems 3) supposedly road shoes have a stiffer sole (don't know how big of a deal this is).

Have you ever had a problem with the BeBop cleat due to the fact that it only contacts the shoes in the middle (where it is attatched to the shoe). It seems that from a hot spot perspective it would be just as bad as SPD since it only contacts the shoe in a small area, but I think hot spots are not a problem if the sole is stiff enough. I am just concerned with the cleat bending to the shape of the bottom of the shoe, which might cause the cleat/pedal connection to not be as good (ie, would open up the cleat and make it too big).
re: Bebop vs Speedplay X cleat durabilitybiker
Aug 11, 2003 4:16 PM
I've been using my X-2's for about 2.5 years. Still same cleats and pedals. I lube the cleat about once a week with dry lube. Do not have release problem. One thing I do to preserve cleats is to apply some 3M non skid tape that comes in 1" rolls to front and back contact areas. I cut tape in a little over a inch segments and cut those in half. Then shape curve edges with scissor to match cleat. I replace these when worn to a certain point. I also use coffee caps when walking in certain conditions. I also find one side of cleat has somwhat of a hollow area on front and rear part of cleat wire that I can use a small penny nail to push in and out to clean the gunk that builds up. It is this area I find can cause cleat release problems when dirty. Also, I have yet to lube the internal bearings. Although probably will shortly.
Aug 11, 2003 7:26 PM
Adaptors, Shims, Meticulous lubrication, High cost of cleat replacement, and let's not forget that the springs wear flat rather quickly, making entry a bit trying. Yea that would sum up Speedplays. Why not Looks?
Aug 12, 2003 4:20 AM
If I was going to use a pedal as heavy as the Look pedals, I would just put my old Time ATAC MTB pedals that I already have on the bike. Or maybe some eggbeaters and save the money of a second pair of shoes (they are already on my MTB). If I was going with something similar to Look I would go with the SPD-SL instead.
May be of some interest here - legal stuffLive Steam
Aug 11, 2003 7:53 PM

Speedplay sues Bebop! These are the findings by the court.
My Experience with Speedplay a little differentStewartK
Aug 12, 2003 5:35 AM
Overall, I like my Speedplays, but I do find the cleats wear down fairly quickly. The cleat faceplates and screws are made from a very soft metal and I find I usually need to replace them after about a season (I usually only walk through my garage into the house).

As far as lubing, I used to break the spring on the cleat fairly often. I called Speedplay and they told me to lube after every ride, which I now do. No longer have the problem with the springs breaking and lubing takes about ten seconds.
Aug 12, 2003 7:07 AM
Are you saying you replace the whole cleat, or that you replace just the faceplate and screws? If the latter, where do you get those parts? Thanks.
Aug 12, 2003 10:38 AM
When I would break the springs I could get replacements online. I've never seen just the faceplates and screws available, so I've always replaced the whole cleat. I suppose I should check with Speedplay or my LBS.
SpeedplayLive Steam
Aug 12, 2003 3:30 PM
My buddy owns the shot I purchase a lot of my parts from and I have gotten just replacement screws and springs from him. He has a little Speedplay repair kit. I would guess anyone could buy the replacement parts directly.
re: Bebop vs Speedplay X cleat durabilitymaximum15
Aug 12, 2003 9:15 AM
I have had the same speedplay cleats for about two years now. They were used and well worn when I bought them. I don't use coffee caps, rarely clean them, and they are still just fine. At least three days per week, I walk 200 yards in them on concrete as I walk the bike into the building where I work. I think the wear stories are overblown and I also know that the surface you walk on is important to life. All the surfaces I normally walk on are very smooth concrete. I have no doubt that if I were to walk on very rough concrete, that the wear rate would be much higher.
re: Bebop vs Speedplay X cleat durabilitynorcalscot
Aug 12, 2003 2:28 PM
I've had Speedplay X-2's on both my road bikes for about 4 years now. Each set of pedals has done at least 15,000 miles. The pedals themselves are great - I've regreased them a couple of times and they still feel like new. The cleats are a different matter. I usually get around 5 to 6 thousand miles out of a set before the metal plate wears through. I've also had one of the springs break. Don't let grit get in them either or you'll be unable to clip in properly.

With all that said, I still like the amount of float they give me and don't find the cleats so bad that I'd give up the pedals. If only they'd make them last a bit longer :-(