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throw out your Era saddle & get the Terry Zero!(1 post)

throw out your Era saddle & get the Terry Zero!ET
Aug 11, 2003 6:58 AM
For the longest time I convinced myself that the Era saddle that came with my Lemond was just fine, dismissing to my failure to build up to enough battle-hardened mileage 1) the occasional numbness, 2) the nagging suspicion that the Era was a tad too narrow in the back, and 3) the hard nose which always began to hurt at 15 miles. Well, that is, until I decided to order a few months ago one of those grey (yech! but they now come in black) Terry Zero saddles on sale for half-price in one of the catalogs. After not having ridden at all in 4 months (due to a combination of healing from injuries and daily rain for two months straight), using my new saddle in three rides spread over several weeks, I did a 30 miler, then another 30 miler, and then (yesterday) a 60 miler, and despite the admittedly stupid buildup (I bonked on the way home), no real saddle pain at all to speak of! That thing works: The right amount of padding and density, support for your sit bones while keeping your "identical twins" just off the saddle (I won't vouch for the ladies :-)). The center vent works without you feeling that it is there. The depression in the nose is great. And this all despite my being one who rarely gets off my saddle. This isn't one of those fat Terry saddles either; this is their raceday saddle.

Stop making excuses; chuck out the Era and check out the Zero.