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So you thought I was just going to smell the flowers? Ride report.(20 posts)

So you thought I was just going to smell the flowers? Ride report.MB1
Aug 10, 2003 6:23 PM
Miss M got up early last Saturday to meet some of our friends. They were going to start a ways out of town and ride to Union Mills in central Maryland for the annual Corn Roast. Miss M wanted to ride with them but she decided to get a few miles in first since they were only going to do a century.

While I was enjoying a sleep in and a bit of time in the yard she was riding 50 miles to meet the group by 7:30.
Father and son confusion.MB1
Aug 10, 2003 6:27 PM
This was one of Bob's last rides before PBP so he brought his son Matt along. It was going to be Matt's second century ever. Matt is 16, Bob is a bit older but they were pretty evenly matched.

Neither of them could figure out how to draft someone as small as Miss M.
The main field.MB1
Aug 10, 2003 6:30 PM
When they are in town Chuck and Crista (on the tandem) organize a couple of centuries every weekend. Their rides usually feature a long casual lunch stop-today's all you can eat fresh grilled corn is right up their alley.
Nice to see Dave riding again.MB1
Aug 10, 2003 6:32 PM
Dave is just about done with his chemotherapy. We were glad to see him, he was glad to see us.
Jeff had all the fixteings.MB1
Aug 10, 2003 6:35 PM
This was a fairly typical Central Maryland ride-endless short climbs a lot of them steep. Jeff has been riding fixed for a while now and seems to love it. For those who are worried about doing a flat fixed century you should try one of these rides-hardly any flat at all.
Jeff had all the fixteings.brian n
Aug 11, 2003 6:02 AM
damn, i wish i could hook up a spectrum track frame for the velodrome, let alone as a spare fixed gear frame! hot.

Hot Spot Sprints.MB1
Aug 10, 2003 6:39 PM
Bob and Matt started sprinting every time they saw me. Notice them keeping a close eye on each other.
Winding it up.MB1
Aug 10, 2003 6:42 PM
Looks like Matt got a jump on the Old Man.
Youth is served.MB1
Aug 10, 2003 6:46 PM
Look at the kid smirk. There must be nothing better than beating the pants off of dad.
A winning smile.MB1
Aug 10, 2003 6:49 PM
Would you let your son beat you like that? Of course it probably makes it easier on Bob that Matt is about the nicest kid in the world.
The Cornquest.MB1
Aug 10, 2003 6:53 PM
The group arrived just as they were starting to serve lunch. The line was moving fast.
Aug 10, 2003 6:58 PM
Fried chicken, some veggies, a roll, lemonade and all the corn you care to eat.

Rumor has it that Dave ate 9 ears of corn. Now all they have to do is ride the 50 miles back to the cars.

Me? I'm off to Dairy Queen.
Another Freaking Great Ass Post From MB1!!!spankdoggie
Aug 10, 2003 10:41 PM
Great pictures, and give all of our love to Miss M!!!

Thank you!
You are welcome, beats watching the tour for the 5th time.MB1
Aug 11, 2003 4:08 AM
Not that the tour is bad or anything but it is nice to get out of the house.
Is that a brace!? What did I miss? -nmcydswipe
Aug 11, 2003 4:31 AM
An outing is good for one's mental health . . .ms
Aug 11, 2003 6:37 AM
My doctor has ordered me not to ride until at least September 3 when I see him again (for my broker humerus). As penance for my flouting his orders when I was in France for the Tour, I promised my wife that I would follow the doctor's orders (I did not tell my wife until I returned from France that the doctor said that I could not ride for 4-6 weeks). Although I can ride on the stationary trainer (no pressure on my right arm), the trainer and TdeF tapes are not enough for me. The weekend before last, I drove over one of my favorite routes (65 miles -- short by your standards). That was OK, but I needed to get on the bike. Yesterday, my wife, without any explicit prompting from me, said that my mental state had deteriorated (i.e., doing nothing on the weekend except sleeping, laying on the sofa, etc.) and that I had to go for a ride. There were some conditions -- it had to be short and easy and my wife was going to come along to make sure I did not overdo it. Our 10 mile ride at an average of 12.5 mph normally would not be anything to write a post about, but it did do wonders for my mental state. Based on your picture, it does not look like you will be able to disobey doctors orders as I have. But, I hope that you are back on the bike soon.
What's up with the brace? nmKG 361
Aug 11, 2003 8:25 AM
I got hit by a car a couple of weeks ago.MB1
Aug 11, 2003 9:05 AM
I'll be off the bike all August.
Sorry to hear that!KG 361
Aug 11, 2003 10:06 AM
How's the bike? =) Hope you mend soon. I'm still planning on doing the NSOCE century. I may have to do the hotel thing since my sister in law will likely be in France, but I still plan to come.
The bike is trashed, the NSA/OCE is still on. nmMB1
Aug 11, 2003 10:15 AM