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Velonews article - Should Ullrich have attacked?(7 posts)

Velonews article - Should Ullrich have attacked?Sprint-Nick
Aug 10, 2003 4:08 PM
Theres an interesting article, here, that was published in the New York times talking about the decisive moment in the tour when Ullrich waited for Lance Armstrong after he crashed. He even goes as far as to compare it to other great races where people have stumbled or crashed saying their competitors didn't wait so why should have Ulrich?

What is peoples 2 cents on this? In a race that lasts over 2000 miles and 3 weeks it seems almost unfair to wait until someone is practically tripped to attack... but if Ulrich had would it have been fair? Does a rule exist to do anything if a fan interferes with the race?

re: Velonews article - Should Ullrich have attacked?divve
Aug 10, 2003 5:37 PM
From what Ullrich said it's not about rules, honor, or all that much about fair play for that matter. It's about him wanting to beat his strongest competitor fair and squarely so he can not only claim a win, but also really be the best, which in actuality is the only win that matters.
Just like boxingfiltersweep
Aug 10, 2003 8:31 PM
Interference is a separate issue- one NOT really addressed in the article. Lance was not colliding with another rider, nor hitting a fixed object. The fact that it involves fan interference makes it a bit more complicated... it could open the door to an Ulrich fan deliberately interfering. Fans have an incredible amount of access to the riders, particularly in mtn stages- not to mention everything squirted on the riders, people running along side, etc... but interference is less a part of the sport as are crashing on wet pavement, flats, etc... not to mention 'tradition' which dictates that you don't attack when an opponent is down- actually, in that sense cycling is exactly like BOXING ;)
Aug 10, 2003 10:44 PM
armstrong falls, ulrich waits, armtrong joins ulrich,
looks at ulrich and immediatly speedsup, ulrich was still looking at armstrong if he was allright;
a real gentleman would make a gesture or say a little thanks to ulrich (as did ulrich a few years back);
ok that's right, he said he was allright by accelerating...
by the way, how do they do it in cyclocross? or are these guys all a**holes?
I don't say the tour would have had an other result, but this year it was a team victory, not a victory of lance himself! (remember the difference in the team timetrial)
next year, when armstrong has problems with his brakes again, maybe he can ask ulrich to wait a few minutes to fix the problem?
the most beautiful races are the races showing a man-to-man fight (Paris-Roubaix - Ronde van Vlaanderen,...), imagine someone having a flat during these races and the rest waiting? hahaha
and then an other point, guys saying Lance Armstrong being the best proracer ever (pollpollpoll), hahaha
he was the best during 4 (allright 5 then) "Tour de France"-races, meaning he was the best proracer ever during these 15 weeks? would Merckx have peaked to every "Tour de France" he could have raced, what would have been the outcome then? please step down to earth
smells like chauvinistic spirit
by the way, in boxing they stop attacking when the opponent goes down because they aren't allowed to kick the opponent with their feet, still chewing the opponents ear..
all this crap above just to say that:
-Lance Armstrong isn't the best proracer ever (although he is one of the best ever)
-Ulrich shouldn't have waited, it would have been a more interesting race, although, Armstrong would still have won the Tour
-Next year, neither one will wait
result would be the samemohair_chair
Aug 11, 2003 7:17 AM
Even if Ullrich attacked, the result would be the same. The facts are that Lance was going to attack on that stage, and had the form to do it and stay away. We all saw that--he was attacking when he crashed.

The crash just enraged him and made him want to win that much more. If Ullrich had attacked at that moment, Lance would be so furious, he probably would have taken even more time out of Ullrich. Ullrich really wasn't in control of his own destiny that day, so attacking wouldn't have gained him anything. In fact, it would hurt him, as his reputation would suffer for "lack of fair play."

People will talk about this for years, but I don't think the whole Ullrich waiting thing is all that meaningful in the end. Lance would have beaten him that day anyway.
Aug 11, 2003 7:47 AM
Lance is so enraged because Ullrich attacked that he goes out too hard and blows up 2 minutes later and his body shuts down from lactic acid build-up. His legs turn into jelly and he can't pedal at a decent rate anymore. Then Ullrich makes up the 7 seconds, has the yellow jersey for that last time trial, hears that Lance had crashed out on a corner, and cruises to his second tour victory. This didn't really happen by the way, but it could have.

Let's not kid ourselves here. Lance isn't a dominating force that nobody can touch, he's a great rider, but the others are also great riders and it really doesn't take much for the situations to be reversed.

Aug 11, 2003 8:22 AM
You saw the stage, right? You've seen Lance race before, right?

The facts are: Lance went out pretty hard and his legs never turned to jelly. So in a game of what-ifs for this stage, that's not even an option.

Plus, there's no way Lance crashes on a corner in the final TT, unless there's a musette bag involved. USPS leaves nothing to chance and the dangers of the course would be well known by the time Lance got there.