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First mental obstacle overcome :-)(4 posts)

First mental obstacle overcome :-)MichaelM
Aug 10, 2003 2:38 PM
I just thought I'd share this having just had a great ride.

Just ridden my first 50 miler. Had a road bike since April, and probably average 80 to 100 miles per week. I must admit I've been putting off a long (to me, 50 is long !)ride for fear of pain, suffering, dehydration etc etc.

The most impressive part (to me - some might consider it quite sad)) was that after 42 miles I was within 400 yds of my house, and had to go off on some small loops to get up to 50, but I wasn't hungry, dehydrated, or in pain - other than my backside, and felt no urge whatsoever to cut it short.

I'd like to think that I'm ready to start working on my speed now, as after reading this forum, I'm almost embarassed to say it took 3hrs 6' at av speed of just over 16 mph. But I enjoyed it, and am pretty sure I'd have given it up at 42 miles a few months back and had a slower av speed.

If anyone has any tips on how to progress, feel free to share them/ advise me.

lose your fears . . .ms
Aug 10, 2003 3:13 PM
Pain, suffering, dehyration . . . All of these are necessary milestones in your development as a cyclist. I'm not saying that you should want to experience these things, but you also need to push your limits. It may sound trite, but just keep doing what you are doing, but do it a little farther, or a little faster. The next time you want to do a long ride, plan a 55 or 60 mile loop. Although all of us want to ride both fast and long distances, not everyone can do both. I have come to the realization that I have great endurance, but lack speed. I can do 100+ mile rides, but I would rather not post my average speed. One of my friends can maintain a fast average speed over a hilly course for 20-30 miles, but at the 40 mile mark he is toast. One of the things you need to discover is whether you fall into one camp or the other and concentrate on the things you need to improve. Now, I know that I need to improve my speed and try to work on it by going faster over shorter distances -- just like my friend has been trying to increase his overall distance by slowing down (that's one of the reasons we ride together -- I slow him down even when I am pushing my speed limit -- our thinking is that by riding together each of us may learn something from the other). It takes time and work to reach your potential -- for now, my recommendation is: Just Keep On Riding.
re: First mental obstacle overcome :-)torquecal
Aug 10, 2003 5:32 PM
You're faster than I am! I look forward to reading the tips you get.
re: First mental obstacle overcome :-)aliensporebomb
Aug 10, 2003 10:10 PM
I had a similar fear of sorts. After bonking badly during my
first century about a decade back now, I've been hesitant to
really go all out in terms of speed on long rides for fear I
will experience the same problem.

A few weeks back I did a 63.3 mile ride but it took me about
5 hours! (10 miles of that was cyclocross on my roadie on
crushed limestone and gravel). I think I could have gone a
lot quicker had I been thinking.

Then six days later I did around 52 miles with the guys
in town who are on and that was about
3 hours. The last 5 miles I ran out of water and started
to slow down considerably but I think my next long solo
ride I'll bring the pace up since I'm a bit smarter than
I was a decade ago.