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Anyone try the new Cinelli gel bar tape? NM(8 posts)

Anyone try the new Cinelli gel bar tape? NMHigh Gear
Aug 10, 2003 1:48 PM
Have it. Haven't put it on yet.KG 361
Aug 10, 2003 3:45 PM
It was the only color that they had that matched my bike. =)I'll let you know how it is in a week or so.
re: Anyone try the new Cinelli gel bar tape? NM12x23
Aug 10, 2003 4:02 PM
I have it on one bike and will replace my other bikes with it when the time comes. It appears to be as durable as the cork tape and is more "plush," and doesn't have that old nasty adhesive (that I always peeled off, anyway).
I like itbianchi boy
Aug 10, 2003 7:26 PM
The Cinelli gel tape definitely is more cushy than regular tape but not overly so. I also like it because it doesn't have the adhesive tape on the back, like other Cinelli tape. The gel is a little tacky, so that keeps the tape from slipping. The only downside (other than the higher cost) is it only comes in a few colors, but I prefer black tape anyway.
Who's selling it? NMHigh Gear
Aug 11, 2003 1:34 AM
eBay, coloradocyclisttarwheel
Aug 11, 2003 4:23 AM
I bought my Cinelli gel tape on eBay, I think from or something like that. They had a bunch of it for auction at the time, and probably still do. My winning bid was $17, I think. You can also buy it from Colorado Cyclist, I think, for about $20.
Didn't like itpitt83
Aug 11, 2003 4:33 AM
I liked the feel, but it wouldn't stay wrapped for me. The Cinelli cork does just fine. Not sure if it's the same adhesive?

I didn't want to resort to spray adhesives or other extreme measures on a carbon bar.

I wouldn't buy it again.
Didn't like itmcteague
Aug 11, 2003 4:49 AM
Me too. When I first put it on I loved it, very plush and an nice fat feel. However, over time, and not much time at that, it seems to compress and now feels thin. Also, it is tearing on the bend just above the brifters. Twice the price and way less than half the life. Not a good deal.

Tim McTeague