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Pics from ride outside of Lyon, France(1 post)

Pics from ride outside of Lyon, FranceKG 361
Aug 9, 2003 4:05 PM
My family and I had been in France since July 29.(I know, bad timeing!) I rented a bike from a place in Lyon called Holiday Bikes. If you decide to go this route on a vacation, be warned. Ride the bike 1st! I, in a hurry, didn't do this. It took quite a bit of adjusting until I got the rear derailer to go onto the small cog and I never could get the front to go onto the big ring. (It was a triple.) Regardless, I got 4 good rides in, 2 outside of Lyon, and 2 down in the south, starting in Juan le Pines, near Nice, into the Alps. The climbs near Lyon were shorter but steeper; the climbs near Nice were only 3-6% grades, but much longer (11 km +). The 1st pic was from the 1st ride, up Mont d'Or.
Heres a pic near the top of a climb before we got to the Mont, on the other side of the Saone River:
Here is my host, mty brother-in-law Raphael, riding along the Saone river:
Riding across the saone on a bridge:

Starting the climb:

Ist stop. I had to stop and wait for Raphael-he doesn't ride a lot, but is a decent rider:
A look down the valley from the 1st stop:
Which way do I go? =) had to wait for Raph again!
Almost to the top-It has 3 peaks-this is the 2nd highest:

Across the top-looking down the valley to Lyon:
Finally! The top. Not the best sample of a french restruant, but in a really pretty spot. We'd be going down through a bunch of small villages after turning right here:

Her is a pic of my brother-in-laws's parent's house in Juan le Pines. The Vitus on the side of the house would be my ride for the rides in the Alps. Not real modern but a sweet riding steel frame w/ Ultegra down-tube shifters. I was only passed by 1 guy on any of the climbs and I didn't chase him =):