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Sizing ?s(6 posts)

Sizing ?sTNRyder
Aug 9, 2003 2:05 PM
Just looking for some input from everyone here as I have been slightly confused by geeks @ local bike shops.

I have been riding mountain bikes for the last 5 yrs and ride a 17.5 inch frame in a Trek hardtail and FS bike. I have a very old (classic) Italian road bike which I measured the seat tube to be somewhere around 51-54 centimeters (depending on how you do the measurement. I am 5'6" tall with a 32" inseam. I feel comfortable on a 52cm frame as I have a short torso for somebody my height. This is where the confusion comes in.

Geek-boy @ local shop is telling me I should be on a 53-55cm frame based solely on standover height. (coincidently he has a 55cm frame in one of the models that I am looking at.) Am I being paranoid or is it possible that I have been riding a road bike that is too small for me for the last 2 yrs? I did ride a 55cm frame and it felt ok, I was only a little more stretched out than I am on my smaller bike, but I don't want my riding position to be too far from my position on the MTN bikes.

Feel free to beat me up for being an idiot, but this whole road bike thing is just confusing to me.
education first..C-40
Aug 9, 2003 7:02 PM
Do a little reading at first.

The first step is to accurately measure your cycling inseam, in bare feet to firm, saddle-like crotch contact. It's critical that this meaasurement be done properly. Saddle height (from center of bottom bracket to the top of the saddle, along the seatpost can also be used to determine frame size. A 32 inch (81.3cm) inseam is not that long for your height. My inseam is 83cm and I'm only .5 inch taller.

From a strict standover veiwpoint, a properly sized frame would be 3-5cm less than your inseam. For example, my 54cm (c-t measurement) Colnago has a standover of 79cm, yielding 4cm of standover clearance. You would need a frame with about a 77cm standover, which would be a 52-53cm (measured c-t), IF your inseam is really around 81cm.

Frames are measured in by three different methods, all starting at the center of the bottom bracket (BB). Some measure to the top of the top tube (c-t), some measure to the center of the top tube (c-c) and some measure to the top of the seat tube, even though it may extend several cm above the top tube.

If you have a specific brand in mind, post it for more help.
Oh, many brandsTNRyder
Aug 9, 2003 7:34 PM
OK, here is a list of the brands that I am seriously considering.

Bianchi, Felt, Fuji, Giant, Specialized, and Trek.

I have ridden a Giant (sm compact), Fuji(55cm), and Trek(52cm)

My current road bike is a mid '80s Torpado (cool bike and it's pink)

Thanks for the help!
Oh, many brandsbc165
Aug 9, 2003 8:19 PM
I just purchased a Lemond Zurich after riding over 20 different bikes. Once you zero in on your size, through the measurement systems mentioned earlier, the key, IMHO, is to ride lots of bikes until you get on the one that feels right. i knew when I got on the lemond that this was the bike i wanted to ride 40-65 miles on with my local clubs, in centuries, etc. It just felt better, like i would be fresher after 3-4 hours in the saddle. Most of the kids I met in shops were of little use, and many of the bikes were not set up well, even in the better shops. Stems were off, seats were not set right. Be pleasantly demanding and try to find a guy who is willing to take some time to get you properly fit on the bike... Good luck, enjoy the journey!
Oh, many brandsallezrider
Aug 10, 2003 8:29 AM
It doesn't seem you have visited a bike shop that wants to spend some time to fit you properly. Where in TN are you? Just curious what shop you have visited. I know there are a few other TN riders on this board and probably could recommend other bike shops that we know.
Wish that I was in TNTNRyder
Aug 10, 2003 9:34 AM
No brainer then, I would be at Harpers or Earth Traverse in Knoxville. Unfortunately, I am in Wichita Falls TX. Can U say Hotter-N-Hell. The two shops here are Texoma Cycling Center (good), and The Bike Shop (good bikes weak sales/mechanic person). I plan on driving down to DFW soon as that is where the nearest FELT dealer is. Only problem w/that is that it is in DFW and I am not!