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NJ riders... I need some route help. (X-post ride board)(11 posts)

NJ riders... I need some route help. (X-post ride board)JL
Aug 9, 2003 9:27 AM
I'm ridng from Exton, PA to Somerville, NJ next weekend (Aug. 16), and I'm trying to figure out a route from Lambertville (I'm crossing the DE river via New Hope/Lambertville bridge).

Anyone ride to/from Somerville to Lambertville area. I have some ideas from, but I wanted to get people input.


Try thishumbert
Aug 9, 2003 10:58 AM
I have'nt done that ride but a good resource is The site has cue sheets for Somerset County that includes a Raritan -- Lambertville ride that may be a start to routing your trip.
You just want to get there? Or would you like the scenic route?biknben
Aug 9, 2003 12:41 PM
This route will get you there.
Rte 579 out of Lambertville is good road that I ride often. The first 1.5 miles is four lanes wide (two each way) but the traffic is really light. Once you have climbed away from the river, it shrinks to just two lanes with a wide shoulder. Traffic continues to be light all the way to Ringoes. From here you
i could
pick up Rte. 514 and take that to Neshanic where you would pick up Rte. 567 and head North. Following that would take you right into the heart of Somerville.

I would be hesitant to recommend Rte. 514. The traffic gets steadily heavier as you go. The road gets tight and in many places, the pavement isn't great. There are some great roads to the South that go through the Sourlands Mtn area. Excellent to avg. pavement but absolutely void of all traffic. I could recommend some good roads if you were willing to do a few extra miles.

Let me know if you want some more details. I'll be riding in the Sourlands area tomorrow and will keep you in mind.
You just want to get there? Or would you like the scenic route?JL
Aug 9, 2003 6:03 PM

If you see this before tomorrows ride, or after, I would like some low traffic areas. Direct but scenic, if that makes sense.

I was thinking Rocktown-Lambertville to Mountain Ridge. Then maybe Lindburgh/Zion to Long Hill up towards Amwell. Or Skip Long Hill and cut to Bell Mead Blawenburg and work my up that way. I'm thinking if I get 30-40 from Lambertville to Somerville I'll end up with a solo century.

So yes, I would like scenic but it in a "direct" kind of way.


JL...I'll get back to you later...biknben
Aug 10, 2003 6:52 AM
My ride has been delayed. I'm going out later today.

You got the right idea so far. Rocktwon road was under construction this spring. They just finished paving a portion that was previously gravel. The route you mentioned so far is perfect. Rocktown road to Mountain Road (Rocktown Road is unpaved beyond that). A quick left than right to continue on Ridge Road. Take that to the end and go right on Lindburgh Road. Left onto Long Hill Road. Towards the end of Long Hill Road, Zion Road is a Right turn. I'd take that. The descent and pavement is great. This way you could cross Rte. 514 in Neshanic and not have to ride on it at all.

From that point on, I'm not familiar with the roads but I know there are some with bike lanes. I'll go out there later and see which roads would be best. I'll let you know what I find.

I would discourage the thought of heading towards Belle Mead or Blowenburg. The roads to those points are fine but then you would have to head North along the Rte. 206 corridor and that isn't fun. The back roads have become overrun with traffic trying to avoid conjestion on 206.
I'm back...biknben
Aug 10, 2003 8:19 PM
You seem to have the right idea to get from Lambertville to Neshanic. The pavement is good to excellent and you should be able to count cars that pass you on one hand.
Here it is on the map (dashed line highlighted in yellow):

I did a loop today from Neshanic to Raritan and back. Raritan is just West of Somerville. I had never ridden these roads so I went out to see what they were like.

I left Neshanic and used this route:

It goes North from Neshanic on Rte. 567 and makes the second right onto River Road. That's really the only turn you need to know until you get to Somerset Ave. in Raritan. You hit a couple stop signs or intersections but you always go straight. The roads were good to average. Traffic was very light. Somerset Ave is busy and has on-street parking (don't get doored) but the speed limit is only 25mph so it shouldn't be bad.

On my way back I chose a different route just to see what was out there.

You could go East on Rte. 514 to East Mountain Road, then head North. You'll have an actual bike lane and make a couple easy turn to get to Flagtown. Leaving Flagtown, you turn right on Rte. 517 - New Center Road. You no longer get a bike lane but the road was resurfaced recently. It was a real treat. No shoulder but low traffic and new pavement. You would continue on this until you made a left onto Roycefield Road. That road hooks up with the other option just before getting to Raritan. The only issue with the second option is Rte. 514. You are on it for nearly 1.5 miles and the pavement is choppy. It's got filled potholes and cracked pavement. I use this section of road often on weekday evenings. It links two good roads so I just tough it out. With traffic this road sucks. On the weekend it is much more managable and sucks a little less. :-)

Either of these will do fine IMO. I hope I've helped. Sorry the maps aren't clear. I figured you had a map so I just added them to show the general route. Let me know if you need more details.
Wow. Thanks!JL
Aug 11, 2003 5:09 AM

Sorry, I didn't get back to you sooner. After my ride yesterday, I was out and about for the rest of the day with the family. What you gave me helps a bunch. I've been using, but it's good to get personal perspective from those that know. I think I can take it from where you left off.

If you think of anything else between now and Sat., email me at I also see you're using TopoUSA. If you saved the routes, can you email me the files? I have it too.

Thanks again.

No problemo...biknben
Aug 11, 2003 5:29 AM
You gave me a good excuse to explore new roads. I'll e-mail you the files later this evening.
Hey Ben! (or should we call you MapMan?)CritLover
Aug 9, 2003 8:51 PM
This is in regards to the previous posrs about Lebanon. Figured it would be next page news in a few hours.

I do the ride over around Round Valley, but have only explored outside of there once (went north to Cokesbury and back east across to 517). I don't have topo software yet, but from it seems that all the climbs are under 500 ft. I know some of them there are pretty steep, but I would like to find some that are more steady and create a good circuit. Any ideas? Thanks!
I have some good ideas...biknben
Aug 10, 2003 6:21 AM
I wish I could take credit for these routes. Someone was nice enough to provide great hilly routes with cue sheets. I just happened to stubble onto his web page.

Here's a route I've ridden out of Lebenon:
Like you've noticed, the climbs don't go up more than 500' but they are litterally one after another when using this route.

If you are willing to travel a little further west this one is worth checking out.
It covers all of the best climbs that have been used by the organizers of Hillier Than Thou over the years. Fiddler's is the most feared of the climbs. The steepest points hit 20%.
That's gotta hurt!CritLover
Aug 10, 2003 8:37 PM
Awesome! Those are both great links... I can't wait to try them (although I may be cursing you later lol). One of these days we'll have to organize a tri state ride. Maybe when I can keep up with a billy goat like you!

Thanks Ben! (and also for the resume help)