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Embarrassed to post this, but.....(7 posts)

Embarrassed to post this, but.....fasteddie
Aug 9, 2003 7:34 AM
my frustration is outweighing the humiliation factor. Last night I endured a long and extremely frustrating battle when mounting a new GP3000 to Nucleon rear wheel. This is probably the 3rd/4th new tire (always GP3000) on this wheel and each has always mounted with ease. Last night after about an hour of struggle I finally used a tire lever to force it on (ruined the first tube in the process). Now I'm paranoid about riding, flatting on the road and not being able to remount the darn thing.

Now, I've read similar posts like this in the past and have always jumped to the conclusion that the guy had to be an inexperienced nincompoop. Combining mtn and road, and new tires and flat repairs I've probably done this 8-10 DOZEN times over the last 5 years. I feel pretty experienced at this and I've never had to resort to a tire lever - but this has me totally perplexed. I even tried to mount it without the tube to see if there was some sort of interference with that, but same result.

I would think that manufacturing standards on a quality tire like a GP3000 would prevent such a disparity between tires. Every sidewall stamping # on the new tire is identical to the old one, except for on "code" number which is different by one digit. The original tire was about a year old so I assume it is probably just a manufacturing reference #. I bought these new tires from because of their great price. Could these be "seconds"? Has anyone else experienced problems with GPs? Any other thoughts on this? Help is greatly appreciated. I'm stumped.
re: Embarrassed to post this, but.....rogue_CT1
Aug 9, 2003 7:44 AM
Try mounting it on a Zipp 404! You can hardly even get the lever under it. I've put GP 3000 and the Attack/Force combo on and they are both bears. And, like you I've done this hundreds of times. I really don't know what the deal is.
They will stretch after a whilespookyload
Aug 9, 2003 7:54 AM
I put GP3000's on my zipp 404 wheels and like the other poster said it was a bear. After about 300 miles I got a flat and was dreading the tube change. To my suprise they came of very easy. They stretched out a lot making removal and installation much easier.
We've all been therefiltersweep
Aug 9, 2003 8:04 AM
I mounted some veloflex that specifically warned against using tools to install... beautiful tires, though.

I normally use Michelins- and they are a nightmare on my HEDs (don't ask why I'm not using tubies).

I've read (don't all internet rumors start that way) that many manufactures make their tires small so they can boast lighter weights (which is also why doing a rollout is the best way to callibrate a computer).
out on the road...PaulCL
Aug 9, 2003 8:40 AM
...flat tire...don't worry about it. I went through the same thing with some Vittoria's on Sun Venus rims. I just couldn't get the stupid things off/on without using levers. I felt like a failure...alas....there was light at the end of the tunnel...
....After riding a while the tires will stretch. But to assuage your most direct fear about flatting on the highways and byways - the hot tire will stretch and easily come off and go on your rim. But bring levers just in case.


P.S. My TLAA meeting (Tire Lever Abusers Anonymous) is held every Tuesday night at the local gradeschool. Admitting your dependence on tire levers is the first step of our twelve step program. Come, tell us your story. With a little work and some worn tires, you too, can end your dependence on tire levers.

Good luck. Paul
Aug 9, 2003 9:21 AM
What? What? Give up my Speed Lever? You'll have to pry it from my cold dead hands......;-)


Sounds like a cry for help.... (nm)PaulCL
Aug 10, 2003 8:32 AM