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Bianchi Giro or Imola??(2 posts)

Bianchi Giro or Imola??roadhi
Aug 8, 2003 5:04 AM
I'm getting back into cycling after a bit of a hiatus and am upgrading from an old Trek road bike (Steel frame, stem gear levers). I do fairly advanced day rides.

I test rode the Bianchi Imola (steel frame) but the Bianchi Giro (Al frame), which was recommended to me, was not available. The Imola and Giro seem quite comparable except for the steel vs Al frame. I liked the Imola, but am a compulsive comparative shopper and uncomfortable buying it without trying the Giro. BUT I can't find a Giro to test, (tho I can order one to buy). I've heard the Giro Al frame has a good ride but I'm hesitant based on what I've heard about Al.

Any comments to help me decide??

Also wd like to hear what anyone has to say about Shimano 105 components versus Ultegra components. Are the 105s really worth the difference in price??

re: Bianchi Giro or Imola??orange_julius
Aug 8, 2003 9:01 AM
If you're buying on a shop, I can't imagine that they
would get upset if you were to order a Giro and then
decided to go with the Imola instead. They did claim
that the former is better, right?

As far as Ultegra vs. 105, Ultegra is the higher-end
one. Personally I would be happy with saving some money
and going 105. The big jump is from Tiagra to 105, where
you get a different shifter. Of course, if you want
to race the Ultegra will be worth the extra money. It's
hard to recommend whether something is worth the extra
cost unless you're the one spending the money!