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Do you do this?.. I almost got killed today!(3 posts)

Do you do this?.. I almost got killed today!2300 Edmontonian
Aug 7, 2003 3:08 PM know how your speeding along, and it's your day your feeling it, and you have the perfect rythem happening, and suddenly from nowhere one defiant traffic light turns red in the path ahead of you and your forced to slow down, and well, you figure you can do it long enough and not have to stop and remove your shoes from your pedals and go through all that until the light turns green and you can accelerate your way back.. and sometimes you get so slow but you refuse to stop and thus have to balance your way.. which will never ever be easy and can be dangerous for anything coming up behind you..
Well, today was the day it had just rained, and the weather was temperate with no wind at all, what a fine day to be riding.. my kinda day, I have that rythem going and am concentrating well, into slipstream with a high average speed and loving every minute of it as I stare down the long straight road ahead of me. On this perfect road on a perfect ride on a perfect day, an imperfect traffic light turns red quite ahead of me, and yeah I decide there's no way this traffic light is gonna get enough of my respect to have my feet on the ground, so as I am trying to maintain my balance over a low speed.. I'm weaving all over the road (the road was empty anyway.. or so I thought), suddenly from nowhere behind me this huge mammoth (sp) of a semi zooms right past me!, and so close that it is literally toucing my shoulders!! ..well I shift all my weight to my right and fall quite bad on the road.. after all the commotion and the recovery, I realize that the semi zoomed past the red light and had only honked after it had past me, not before.. a$$hole,
Got me thinking, I do this a lot of times, and I know many who do too.. ofcourse this time it was the truck driver's fault, but could've been anyone,
today's moral: get those crazy ass helmets with mirrors to check back..
all I can say is I'm glad to be alive!
Wow, you're luckyt0adman
Aug 7, 2003 3:12 PM
Couple more inches and you'd have been a grease spot. Goes to show ya that even when you think you're alone on the road you should always behave like there are cars/mammoth semis racing up behind you. Be safe!
Obvious points...OverStuffed
Aug 7, 2003 8:33 PM
I ride in traffic all the time, and I've been caught off guard by a car I didn't notice. There are some things you can and should do, though. Even on an empty road, I will never weave back and forth, unless I can do it in a space that I am confident no cars will come, i.e. the left-most 3 feet of the parking lane, or a bike lane. It's easier for unexpected cars to react to you if you're riding a straight line, so I make that priority number one, even when avoiding obstacles. Mirrors are helpful, I assume (I don't have one), but not necessary unless you can't check your left shoulder without losing your balance. Drivers don't always know what to do around bikes, so help them out when you can, and they might help you, or at least not hit you. Be safe.