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any suggestions?(5 posts)

any suggestions?mattvargus
Aug 7, 2003 1:57 PM
long time mountain biker looking to get into road cycling. i've been punishing myself with long road rides on my knobby tires for long enough. i'm looking for a good all-around bike that won't break the bank. something comfortable, smooth, and fast. good on descents as well as climbs and rough new england roads. durability is important. weight isn't a huge factor. probably never race, but i don't want a 25lb bike either. love the feel of my steel mtb, but not sure whether to go with a steel road bike or aluminum. (can't afford carbon or ti, so they're out of the question) pro's-con's? i know that all responses are going to be subjective, but i'm just looking for some input from people who actually ride. any comments are appreciated. thanks.
... this is only a test...Akirasho
Aug 7, 2003 2:09 PM
... test rides that is...

You've fairly well described your wants and desires... but only your own subjective opinions and objective sensibilities will tell the tale.

If possible, start planning on extended test rides on a variety of frame materials (primary concern) and components (both above and below your price point for compare and contrast) to build your own database.

As in the old addage, "one man's candy", folks are usually passionate about their choices for less than objective reasons... and while you've acknowledged that... your own experiences will hold sway.

Good luck.

Be the bike.
Aug 7, 2003 2:17 PM
There are a lot a lot a lot of durable and "light" bikes out there. You've mentioned probably the most important factor.. that you cant "afford" carbon or ti. I think cost is your first consideration.

You can find really good deals for either, but if you are really worried about the roughness of the new england roads, then steel would likely offer you the best bang for your buck, but that is just a general statement. A decent frame with decent midline components with a special focus on your wheelset would be ideal. But give us a price line and then we can talk, but do a search, there are a zillion threads on this same topic... Fondriest, Lemond, always seem to get lots of support around here.

re: any suggestions?Spoiler
Aug 7, 2003 2:50 PM
Going from fat tires to skinny tires will make ANY road bike seem harsh and stiff. A steel bike could make the transition easier.
If this is your first road bike, you probably will need to visit a shop for hands-on help finding the right size. That's the place to start. While visiting the shop, see what selection they have. See what price ranges, different brands, different materials etc., then post again. Tell us what brands and prices they offer. With more information, we can give you better advice.
re: any suggestions?maximum15
Aug 7, 2003 6:33 PM
My first road bike was an aluminum trek 2300 and I thought it rode great. Later picked up a steel Bianchi. Even though I live where the roads are very smooth, the steel is still (funny play on words) a noticable improvement. But then there are lots of other factors to take into consideration such as acceleration and flex. Coming from mtn biking, you might not be able to tell these right away. My suggestion is pick up a used bike of any sort and ride it for a while. Then find what you really want and sell the old bike on ebay or turn it into a rain bike.