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Attn: LOOK Frame owners, looking for a part...(7 posts)

Attn: LOOK Frame owners, looking for a part...Horace Greeley
Aug 7, 2003 12:29 PM
I have a KG381 and I'm trying to locate a spare bolt used to tighten/hold the adjustable derailleur hanger (stripped one bolt). I've contacted Veltec Sports (U.S. distributor) and they are trying to help me out, but it may take some time since Europe is on holiday(Oct?). My LBS has the whole hangar kit, which I've tentatively ordered for $45. They don't have a problem with returning the kit if I can locate a bolt. FWIW, I'm told that a KG361 or KG281 frame uses the same bolts.

If any of you happen to have a spare bolt or know where I can locate the bolt, please let me know. I'd be happy to pay fair value, postage, etc.

Thanks in advance.
A good hardware store should carry metric boltsDave Hickey
Aug 7, 2003 12:36 PM
Are you talking about the little bolts? Take one of the others out a go to a good hardware store. It should cost about $.30. There is nothing special about the bolts. Most large Ace Hardwares carry them in stainless steel.
Aug 7, 2003 1:34 PM
If I can't find a bolt locally, I go to Small metric stainless steel bolts usually must be purchased in boxes of 50-100, but then you get a lifetime supply for $6.

I keep sizes for stems, seatpost clamps and bottle cages on hand.
Someone once posted a URLpitt83
Aug 7, 2003 4:17 PM
www.loosebikeparts or www.smallparts, something like that. The bookmark is at work if you can't find it by searching. Cool site; I looked it over and thought how many times I'd needed those in the past. If you don't post before tomorrow, I'll dig it out. or (nm)TFerguson
Aug 7, 2003 5:12 PM
Thanks, I did a search, its (nm)Horace Greeley
Aug 7, 2003 6:14 PM
Thanks everyone I think I have enough to go on but...Horace Greeley
Aug 7, 2003 6:15 PM
welcome more suggestions.