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Disk Wheels in a TT(4 posts)

Disk Wheels in a TTBill from WPB
Aug 7, 2003 8:27 AM
Anyone out there who can tell how much of a time
difference has a disk wheel made in a TT ?
I'm new at cycling and I'm trying to figure if it's
worth the cost ($$)
Thanks !
re: Disk Wheels in a TTMShaw
Aug 7, 2003 9:14 AM
First place to go look:

I haven't TT'd on a disk, but I have raced track with one. Once you get it up to speed, it feels like it is easier to a disk ride fast. There's no increasing drag as you try and force spokes through the air. It feels more like linear acceleration v. exponential accleration.

Whether it is "worth it" depends on whether you're going to need the extra speed to actually WIN the TT or not. If you aren't competetive without a disk, you probably aren't going to be with a disk.

re: Disk Wheels in a TTafrican
Aug 7, 2003 9:19 AM
Ah try a few web sites and

If you are new to cycling I don't think it is worth the cost yet. Wait until you feel you are good and you need that extra one minute savings over a 25 mile flat TT.

A disc should save you time ok it will save you time, but the faster you can ride the more benifitial it is.

The zip discs are expensive, get a hed disc or a renn disc that are cheaper. Or a better route would be to get an aero front wheel that would save you more time than anything right now, then get the disc later.

OK so get an aero front wheel, like a tri spoke for now and get the disc later, that is the fastest set up. Hed should be perfect for you, it works for me.
re: Disk Wheels in a TTbrider
Aug 7, 2003 10:50 AM
One of the best deals in cycling is the Renn disk. First rate quality, great hub, good service, and cheap.

If you got the coin to spare, go ahead. Even as a beginner, the race-day results are positive. And it will only get better as you improve.