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Bike component questions(6 posts)

Bike component questionsride_hard
Aug 7, 2003 5:00 AM
Have several questions getting a new bike (frame already selected (carbon fibre/ fiber). Trying to get info to help in the component decision making process.

currently hav e Dura Ace group on my old bike. Not sure if I'm going with a roadie set-up or tri. I am not a tri-athelete, but the aero position combined with shifters at the end of the bars is intriguing. I currently use carbon strikes and like the relaxing position for long rides. (I've seen the tri Cabon-X setup, but have not seen any reviews).

- Just in case I go with the roadie setup ... Went to the Cinelli site to look at the Ram Bar - Very pretty and very expensive. Is it worth the extra bucks?

- Campy or Shimano 10's. The Shimano 10 cog cassette was used by USPS all summer and in the Tour(I think), and the review I saw was good. Of course, that group does not have a track record (public distribution) whereas Campy has had their 10 out for a while. And Campy Record and Chorus has the thumb shifter.

Thanx in advance -
re: Bike component questionssievers11
Aug 7, 2003 6:09 AM
I asume you are going top end or you wouldn't have been asking the questions the way you did.

You should go with the road set up. you can always throw on a clip on aero bar.

The Ram bar is killer sweet. Is it a good match for you?? I would say no, and only because you would not have the option of whiping on the aero bar for that double century ride. But if you are going for the killer carbon package and considering you have already picked out the frame (and have the $) The ram is killer sweet. Note: if you are fanatical about your position on the bike, the ram leaves little options for tilting the bar.

Curious what frame are you getting, because that will determine the best set up on the bike. you might get shot for setting up a Colnago C40-HP with cowhorns and an aero bar.

Maybe I am a purist, if you get a road bike, set it up that way. Don't force it to be a tri-bike. A tri-bike has a more vertical seat tube, smaller head tube, shorter top tube and shorter chainstays than a road bike.

Go with the campy 10, you will not be disapointed...and there is more carbon there. Chorus will have carbon levers next year as racord does now, but record next year will have more carbon on rear derailer and a front carbon plate like this years rear derailer.

For my $ shimano's 10 systems needs a year or two to work out any production kinks. New stuff new problems. Pesimistic, yes...but it alot of scratch.
re: Bike component questionsride_hard
Aug 7, 2003 6:59 AM
Yup - I am going "top end". And I really do appreciate your advice!!!...expeically about forcing the tir-bike on a read bike.

By the way ... The Ram Bar does look suite, and I may be tempted, even if I cannot fit it with aerobars .

One more thing ---- Cane Creek or something else?
re: Bike component questionssievers11
Aug 7, 2003 7:17 AM
Wheels?...Zipps! It doesn't get any better. They might be a little "tri", but I think the CSC guys would dissagree. The Rolf Primas are nice too. I think mavics are over rated, and campys are over priced. Bontrager makes a nice little set of carbon wheels too...little pricey and you may or may not be interested in the trek conection.

I would give my right collar bone for a set of Zipp 404 tubulars. If you are alittle heavier they make a stout version too.

If you are going really top end..look at the Zipp Z3 or Z4...nothing quite like a set of $3000 wheels.

(Just my opinon for those who love their mavics and campy wheels)
re: Bike component questionsride_hard
Aug 7, 2003 10:59 AM
Already have a set of Kseriums.
re: Bike component questionsSteve Bailey
Aug 7, 2003 9:50 AM
I can't tell you how many times I pass my 2 buddies on their tri bikes on hills, 'cause they can't shift while standing. It really pisses them off, especially as I don't really lose anything on the flats with my clip-on and STI.

I'd go with a standard road bar with STI/Ergo and use a Profile AirStryke. (acutally that's what I do use).