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Weird Ebay Auction?(5 posts)

Weird Ebay Auction?DaveJ
Aug 6, 2003 2:46 PM
I saw this and am not sure I can believe my eyes:

A relatively new bike, with an excellent CAAD 6 frame, and RECORD 10 Grouppo only for $710? Am I missing something here, or is this an incredible steal?
There is alot of time left in the auction... (nm)kjr39
Aug 6, 2003 3:03 PM
Two possibilities...jtolleson
Aug 6, 2003 3:06 PM
one is "scam." Sorry, but the number of scams on eBay for high-end bikes at ridiculously low prices being sold by sellers with no or almost no feedback ... this auction fits that bill perfectly. I would certainly ask a lot of questions by email before bidding.

The other possibility is that in the next day 1/2, that auction will do what most auctions do... climb up to a reasonable market-based sale price.
re: Not sure I believe the seller is the bike ownerRob11966
Aug 6, 2003 5:11 PM
So this is a good bike (not my style) but a good bike nonetheless. I would pressume that the owner put a lot of thought into it. If you read the add (s)he describes the wheels as "Syriums". Not likely to be a simple spelling mistake or a dropped "k" because the "S" is a capital. This mistake seems inconsistant with someone who knows enough about bikes to purchase/own this item. Perhaps I am too cynical. Mabe it was an unwanted gift or the owner has more money than sense.
re: Weird Ebay Auction?oxfrd_roadie
Aug 6, 2003 6:49 PM
For what its worth I wouldn't jump to conclusions that this listing is a scam. I sold a comparable Cannondale bike on Ebay last month and started the auction at $0.99. With 1.5 days left my auction was still in the $800 range. By the close of the auction the price had gone up considerably. Many sellers choose to start auctions low because it is cheaper and it gets more people bidding on the item.