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Anyone using custom orthotics in their shoes?(7 posts)

Anyone using custom orthotics in their shoes?Tahoe Gator
Aug 6, 2003 12:40 PM
Working on a foot comfort project and some folks have mentioned insoles such as SuperFeet, etc. Curious if anyone is using truly customized orthotics (such as from SureFeet) where your feet are scanned and a custom insole is made to each foot's exact dimensions.

Custom orthotics saved my ski boots and were worth every penny for that sport. Unfortunately, my ski boot orthotics are too thick for use in my cycling shoes. They cost about $185 (not cheap, but cheaper than new shoes), so looking for some feedback prior to investment.
Search the board for past threads...BergMann
Aug 6, 2003 12:51 PM
This topic was discussed at length a couple months back. Just run a search for "orthotics".

I use custom orthotics in my shoes, they're worth every penny. Some shoes fit better than others even with the "build height" of a running/skiing orthotic. Shop around and see if anything fits with the orthotic you have.

Since I already have 3 pairs of (very durable) orthotics, I choose cycling shoes that fit the custom insoles, not vice-versa.
re: Anyone using custom orthotics in their shoes?kermit
Aug 6, 2003 1:02 PM
I've been using custom orthotics for about two years now. I have two pairs. A beefy pair for my running shoes and hiking boots and a lower profile pair for my cycling shoes and Ultimate cleats.

For me, the lower profile orthotics do not provide the same level of biomechanical control as the beefier set, but they are a huge improvement over anything else I've tried, including Superfeet.

Between my wifes insurance and my own, I got the two pairs for $40 out of pocket, actual cost ~$600.
re: Anyone using custom orthotics in their shoes?spankdoggie
Aug 6, 2003 1:15 PM
I don't have them, but I will look into them. After I bought my new Serotta CSI with Ksyriums, and full Dura Ace, I got the frogs and Sidi Genious 4's or 3's...

They sold me some arch supports. They helped for my left foot, but forced my right foot to cramp after 10 miles. Only after I removed the right arch support did my pain disappear.

If your feet are cramping, it is not you, it is the shoe, or the support, or the placement of the shoe on the pedal. If your feet cramp, you are not the problem, the equipment is. Investigate it. There is not a need to have any foot pain on a bike ride.

Do or do not, there is no try,

You bet!NatC
Aug 6, 2003 3:28 PM
I have a few pairs of true custom orthotics, and I HIGHLY recommend them.

The scanning method you mentioned is not nearly as effective as the old tried-and-true plaster casting method however. The reason is that if you stand on a force plate to get an imprint of your feet, since you are weight-bearing, the scan will capture any deformity in your feet, such as a result of overpronation. Plaster casting is (usually) done non-weightbearing, with your foot in a neutral position.

The other issue is finding a podiatrist who understands that a cycling shoe fits differently than a casual shoe, and that heel-lift due to bulky orthotics is a huge reason people stop using their devices. Bring your cycling shoes and cycling socks into the podiatrist, so he or she sees how much (or little) room is in your shoe.

I'd recommend a super-slim device like I have: the Proformance model, WITHOUT an extrinsic heel post (this is key), 1/8" Vylite or Spenco full-length topcover.

Any podiatrist can use this lab; it's a matter of whether they are willing to or not (it's probably the most expensive lab in the country). I bet if you call the doctors' offices first, explain your needs to the receptionist, and ask if the doc would be willing to use this specific lab, you might find someone who will.
Aug 6, 2003 7:17 PM
Cycling didn't bring me to orthotics; the orthotics were brought to my cycling shoes. I've been wearing custom orthotics for about eight years now -- major overpronation and other foot problems. About five years ago I decided to try my old (carbon fiber thin) orthotics in my cycling shoes. They worked and I've used them ever since.

I ride Sidi Genius 4 shoes, and the regular Sidi's are a great fit without orthotics. With orthotics, I need the Mega (wide) shoes.

I tend to think orthotics aren't that important for cycling since my feet are rather stable clipped in, but since I have thin orthotics I use them. It can't hurt.
re: Anyone using custom orthotics in their shoes?bianchi boy
Aug 6, 2003 7:34 PM
I've used custom orthotics in my regular shoes and running shoes for years due to having extremely flat feet and problems associated with that. I hadn't used my orthotics in my cycling shoes until recently, instead using some Superfeet inserts. However, this summer I started developing a bad case of "hot feet" on long rides. So, a couple weeks ago, I put some of my orthotics in my cycling shoes (Sidi Genius) to see if that would help. It has solved my problem with hot feet, and I'm able to wear thinner DeFeet socks that I previously had trouble with (shoes too loose). I didn't have to buy new orthotics because I had an extra pair.