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Flex issue? Help requested(2 posts)

Flex issue? Help requesteddcdre
Aug 6, 2003 5:50 AM
Greetings folks, I've been lurking here for a bit, posting seldomly. Just picked up road biking this winter, coming from a strong background of speedskating (inline) and some MTBing. Noticed something biking yesterday, and was wondering if the collective wisdom of the group can help out here.

The bike: an old Specialized Epic Allez, CF tubes with AL lugs. 7 spd 105 gruppo, downtube shifters, and from all accounts, the original Wolber rims. Back is a little out of true but not terrible.

The rider: me (duh!). 6', somewhere between 180 and 190. It's been months since I weighed myself, but I always float around in that range.

The problem: I was just starting my ride last night (at Hains Point for any DC area folks), not hammering or even warming up yet, just getting the bike in the right gear. Shift up to the big chainring and the chain skips right past the ring and onto the crank. Fiddle around, get dirty and get the chain back on, ride around with some bikers and then my skating buddies. When I finally get home, I take a real quick look at the bike. Without me on it, it shifts between the big and small rings like it's supposed to, right onto the rings and never past it. Am I just too much rider for this bike, flexing it to where the chain jumps past the ring? Rings and chain don't seem excessively worn, from all accounts the derailleur limits seem OK.

So what sez the list? Thanks in advance!
adjustment issue nmgtx
Aug 6, 2003 6:14 AM