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Is this a great deal on a road bike? Ultegra at $995(10 posts)

Is this a great deal on a road bike? Ultegra at $995going4hotter100
Aug 6, 2003 3:21 AM
ok - I admit I am a mountain biker; but I need a road bike for a little ride we have here in north texas called the hotter than hell 100

I have three friends with road bikes that all suggested the bikes they have; Trek 2300, Motobecane Century Pro, and Specialzed Allez -- they all love their bikes and swear by them. Plus they have convinced me I must buy Ultegra (these are the guys i'll be riding with)

anyway, I go to 3 shops yesterday to shop those bikes
and one of the shops pulls out a brand new 2003 Fuji Team
and says they have just put it on sale at $995
this dealer tells me the Fuji is lighter than any of the other Ultegra bikes I am looking at and $600 or so less

the bike looks great; it rides nice (at least on my 5 minute test ride) and it fits the same as any other 56cm I have tried

But the deal seems too good to be true;

Anyone own a Fuji Team? know anything about it? is this bike as good of a deal as it seems?

I have to buy this week to get ready for this ride
I appreciate any input
This bike is fine!the bull
Aug 6, 2003 3:31 AM
I know a couple of people that ride them.
Some were scandium some aluminum.
Both are great bikes.
It pretty much the same as the other bikes you mentioned.
All aluminum bikes with frames probally made in Tiwain.
re: Is this a great deal on a road bike? Ultegra at $995FatManLittleBike
Aug 6, 2003 3:59 AM
Sounds like a great deal. Fuji is in the same class of bikes with Trek, Motobecane and Specialized. Ultegra is Ultegra no matter what bike it's on. Go for it! I'll see ya at the HH100!
From one mtn biker to another...jesse1
Aug 6, 2003 4:03 AM it! It is a great bike! Some "heavier" riders have noticed some BB flex. I'm at 150 and love climbing. Standing or sitting on some pretty steep and long hills, I've been real happy with mine. Check out the reviews of this bike on this site. Also - I've had no problems with the wheels (Ritchey)even though it was delivered to me (from semi-taco'd rims. I'm no expert on wheel dynamics, but I trued them myself (by only loosening spokes due to the tightness of all of them) and have been doing a lot of pot holes & RR tracks all year long with out having to touch the wheels since.
Aug 6, 2003 4:40 AM
I have had a 2002 Fuji Team for over a year and love it. I think it is the same bike as the 2003 but different color (mine is yellow & white)

I agree with the other posts - this bike is as good as the Trek, Motobecane, Specialized - and I would think as good as any production road bike.

bike is very light and I have never had any problem at all
plus I would add - it does not seem ride rough as I expect
Aluminum might

for that price - you cannt lose
I think that the 2300 has a better frame, but so what.MR_GRUMPY
Aug 6, 2003 5:06 AM
Jump on the Fuji, but make sure you get the correct size stem for you. The shop should do a swap for free.
I think that the TEAM frame is lighter - but so what.oldbutquick
Aug 6, 2003 5:42 AM
I think you will find the Fuji Team frame (and complete bike) is lighter than the Trek 2300 (and the Motobecane and Specialized and any other production Ultegra bike I looked at)

on mine - Fuji Quoted 16.8 lbs (but after I added pedals it was 17.25 by my fishing scale

my stock stem was right for me - but I think you are right
a good LBS will change a stem if needed
At that price the shop may charge for a stem swap.MB1
Aug 6, 2003 7:13 AM
Still Fuji is a good brand and that is a great price.
Aug 6, 2003 8:03 AM
The best price you're going to find on an Ultegra kit (group + wheels, bars, stem, post, saddle, tape, tires, tubes) is about $950.

If the parts on the Fuji are decent, you are getting the rame for free, and it's not a bad Al frame.

Remember to budget $150 or so for pedals, do you have road shoes?
Is it FULL Ultegra??Alexx
Aug 6, 2003 3:47 PM
I'd bet that it isn't. Check the front hub, the BB, and/or the headset.