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Asthma?(11 posts)

Aug 5, 2003 4:40 PM
Wondering if any of you can help me?

Everytime I go on a hard ride (or race), almost instantly into a hard effort I start a quiet wheezing, and I get a really red face. Is this asthma? The red face sometimes goes away further into the ride, but after the ride I can still here a small wheezing sound when I breathe. Do any of you experience this? Is it asthma? Any cure?

Ride On!
Very well could bejtolleson
Aug 5, 2003 5:14 PM
and it is extremely treatable. Don't suffer needlessly, and long term inflammation can actually eventually damage your lungs.

Go see your doctor (or even better yet a pulmonologist who can do a full lung function test). A mild preventative like the lowest dosage of Advair or even just having an available rescue inhaler (albuterol) can make a big difference.

Get thee to a health care professional and fear not.
Medical advice vs. free advicebousson
Aug 5, 2003 5:40 PM
Get to a good doctor and describe your symptoms - exactly what, when, where, etc. It could be an indication of any number of things, up to an early indication of some arterial blockage. Don't take chances, and don't rely on free advice on a discussion board. Free advice is worth precisely what you pay for it.
I did tell him to go to an MDjtolleson
Aug 5, 2003 5:44 PM
if you read my post, I said it twice, at least.

But the question "is this an asthma symptom" is not an unreasonable one to ask one's peers.
Wasn't faulting youbousson
Aug 5, 2003 5:55 PM
Didn't mean to sound like I was criticizing your answer. My concern was that it could be minor, or could be more serious and to get sound, professional medical advice. Maybe I am overly sensitive since I didn't follow up to similar symptoms and later was treated for more serious arterial blockage.
Aug 5, 2003 6:06 PM
sorry. I kinda overreacted. With all the trolling I must be too prickly!
In addition ...PaulNYC
Aug 5, 2003 6:17 PM
In addition to the other fine advice, keep track of the weather condtions, and pollen levels for when this happens. I have a great deal of problems when the weather is humid, or there is a high pollen level. Ask your doctor about "Advair" it is a preventetive type inhaler.

Good Luck
as well as pollution counts in your area when it happens. nmBrianNYC
Aug 6, 2003 11:35 AM
re: Asthma?Rom12_1-2
Aug 5, 2003 6:06 PM
Very well could be asthma. As above posts state, need to see doctor and have some pulmonary funtion tests. They will tell you one way or another. If you have asthma, it can be treated effectively with a variety of meds. The key is to get the testing done so you know what you are dealing with.
re: Asthma?lemmy999
Aug 6, 2003 6:47 AM
I had mild asthma when I was a kid and then it went away (or seemed to). This past May while jogging I started wheezing really bad and I stopped and walked back and I really was getting nervous because it was geting harder to breath. I went to the doctor and he gave me an emergency inhaler (pirbuterol acetate) to carry with me. He also said I could use use one or two doses before a jog if I noticed that it was happening almost every time I jogged. After mid-June, I noticed I didn't need it any more. He also gave me some samples of Singulair. It won't help you if you are having an attack, but it keeps you from having attacks if taken regularly, but you still need to keep the inhaler handy. Since I only had the problem 1-2 times/week. I never tried the samples and just kept the inhaler with me. He said that I may think I don't need the inhaler with me because I only have mild attacks, but he said one day out of the blue I could have an attack that is much worse than normal. So I rarely go anywhere (especially if I am going to be exercising) without the inhaler. The doctor also told me that something like 20% of the olympic athletes in the last summer olympics had to take some kind of asthma medications. Asthma is VERY serious and you should go to a doctor ASAP. Good luck.
re: Asthma?Mariowannabe
Aug 6, 2003 10:38 AM
You're smart to have it checked out by a doc. If its a slight case of asthma, a little pre-exercise inhailer can go a long way to making you fell a lot better. In alergy season I use one regularly. I always carry an inhailer with me. Occaisonally, on hot days if I'm ride really hard I'll get a case of excercise-induced asthma. One or two puffs is all I need to keep things under control. Without it, I'd be riding home slowly......

I should ask, do you have alergies, or are you exposed to irritants (i.e. wood worker, mow a big lawn, casual smoker, etc.)