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Help solve my long ride foot comfort problem ...(1 post)

Help solve my long ride foot comfort problem ...Tahoe Gator
Aug 5, 2003 9:18 AM
In a post below ( Tahoe Gator "Poggios: how to guage shoe fit in the "toe box" area ?" 8/5/03 9:38am ), I solicited advice on picking between two sizes of the new Nike Poggio II shoes. One fits nice and snug, the other with a bit more room in the toe box. Advice given was to go with larger since apparently one's feet tend to swell while riding.

My original problem, however, is that on really long rides, my feet in the forestep area are getting really sore (& hot). I am currently wearing Pearl Izumi's Vaper mtb shoes with Time ATAC mtb pedals. I've already bought the new Dura Ace pedals, so I must get new shoes.


- Despite the stiff sole of the Vapers, could the mtb pedals be the issue and, if so, a pair of road Vapers should do the trick (they fit nicely otherwise)?

- or, are Vapers so stiff the pedals are not the issue and I need another shoe model. If so, any recommendations for a lightweight and stiff shoe for wider feet (have heard the Poggios might not be a good choice for wide feet)?