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Stem length (knee and elbow clearnce)(2 posts)

Stem length (knee and elbow clearnce)03Vortex
Aug 4, 2003 9:31 AM
Polling C-40 and others. I have a new bike this year (Vortex obviously) and believe I have everything dialed in properly but remain unsure about the stem length I am running (currently a 110). I have logged enough miles believe the fore/aft position on my saddle is where it should be (or where I want it to be) and the distance from TT to top of saddle is at 17cm. The stem is a Deda Newton which I believe is 80 degrees.

Here is my question of which I need more clarity on. When you say there should be some clearance while in the drops (while being able to reach brake levers) from elbow to knee with back horizontal, my elbow does not touch my knee but is this different from overlap? Do you mean the same here with clearnace vs. overlap?
Clearance / OverlapNessism
Aug 4, 2003 12:22 PM
Just as you noted, when in the drops in your "hunkered down" position, check to see if you can hit your knees to your elbows. If you can, your knees OVERLAP your elbows. If not, you have some measure of CLEARANCE.