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Car hits group ride UPDATE - Court date for driver !!!(5 posts)

Car hits group ride UPDATE - Court date for driver !!!african
Aug 4, 2003 8:56 AM
Just received this from X regarding the court date for Joseph Pastore, the man who ran down all of our friends.

I just called traffic court. The guy who hit everyone that Sunday, Joseph
Pastore's court date is TOMORROW morning at 10:00 a.m. at South County
traffic court located at 66th Street and 18th Avenue in St. Pete. There is
only one court room there and they do not know who the judge will be until
tomorrow morning.

Please pass this along for anyone who can attend. We need to try and show up
if at all possible to show that we are AGAINST them letting this man drive

I'm taking the morning off from work to go. Even if the judge doesn't allow
us to say a word, we can still be there in numbers.

Does anyone know how to get in touch with the news? If so, please call them
and let them know when and where the court date is.

Thanks alot!

(I did not write that, I just got it in my e mail and wanted to update those of you who are interersted in this case)
What was he charged with...biknben
Aug 4, 2003 9:49 AM
I've read a bunch of the articles you offered links to but don't remember him ever being charged. Last I remember, police said they were still investigating. What was he cited for?

How's everyone doing?

From the sound of some of those newspaper articles, it's seemed like you guys really had your hands full. Driver claiming, "It's just and accident" and motorists getting all pissy at riders. It didn't sound like a bike friendly atmosphere. I hope things work out for you and the other riders in that area.
Aug 4, 2003 10:16 AM
as far as I know, this is traffic court, he might loose his licence to drive or have it suspended.

I have not been back to the hospital, it was rough going there and seeing people you ride with in pain and so messed up. Most of the injured are home (2 are still in hospital). I saw one of the injured guys on Sat afternoon at the movies, his wife (triathlete) was pushing him in a wheelchair and I could not walk fast enough to catch her. He has his team festina cylcing gloves on to push the wheelchair, he looks really good, determined to get better, get on the bike and race again. Then I have heard the one girl who almost bled to death, (we think a broken frame cut her throat ) she is doing fine but just sits at home and watches TV all day, does not want to work or try anything. Another guy that broke his jaw leg and gosh knows what else is already swimming. The others I do believe will be ok.

The sad part is the 2 in hospital, my friend Dave almost lost his leg and they are really trying hard to save it. The other girl had rods inserted in her back, second time she has broken her back from a bike wreck.

Anyway I got a bit long here.....

The riders seem more cautious now, and so do the cars, but for how long?
please post link to clubsite again?rollo tommassi
Aug 4, 2003 12:25 PM
Your description of your friends' struggles in recovery has really touched me....i feel like sending cards to them. I know that sounds kinda lame, but it might be of some help?
Here is the link......african
Aug 4, 2003 12:41 PM
The front page has a lot of details, if you want you can leave a message on the message board or read a lot of the posts that have been put up there.