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Aug 4, 2003 5:25 AM
you post the question on "feel the burn" and I only got to it this morning, had busy weekend ;)

Tums work problem is that first they do not stop acid production, second they work short term acid rebound in ~1-2hr. H-blockers block acid production for ~8-12hr. The only draw back they don't get rid of what already in stomach. If you have simptoms take 1 tums and 1 Zantac 75. Tums will reduce acidity and Zantac prevents acid rebound.

it terms of foods avoid spicy and acidity foods /OJ, ketchup, mustard, etc/ PNJ work good, cheese and ham sandwich, roast beef subs work for me. You might have own preferences.

With respect to long ride diets there're 2 schools. One advocates liquid diet (many RAAM races, top randonneurs), other advocates use of normal foods. Strong point of first is you take more calories, electrolytes; no need for potty stops. Draw back is you're forcing your body to what it isn't used to, mess up your stomach, etc. Second group does have merits, problem is you have high chance of bonking since you reduce total calorie consumption, loose a lot of time as you need to stop to get and eat food. Overeating creates temporary bonk, which you have to deal with; climbing with full stomach isn't something I'd wish anyone, done it.

I had the best results with combination of 2. I usually stop for protein rich solid foods /likely sub/ twice a day and use perpetum/sustain energy/hammer gel/endurolytes in between. The key is not to overeat, 6" sub is right size; going to 12" would be too much.


PS check UMCA site, they have articles on nutrition good luck