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Where do I go from hear...Wnt a bigger frame(9 posts)

Where do I go from hear...Wnt a bigger framet-moore
Aug 3, 2003 5:48 PM
I have a 61 cm LeMond Nevada City with 3500 mi on the bike. I am not ready to buy today, but do I have to go custom to get a bigger frame. LeMond measures their frames form center to center, and the 63,64 cm frames that I have seen from Canondale, and Fuji are measured center to top. From my estimation, my 61 is pretty equal to the other 63,64. Am I mistaken. From my pic, you can see that I have a lot of seat post and stem showing...Thanks
Cheap advice: Get fitted first.dunkind
Aug 3, 2003 6:03 PM
Go to a local shop and if you have not, pay for a fitting and ask them about frame/brands/sizes. What on this bike makes you feel like you need a custom? I could just have a lot of stem and post showing on my bike, but not really need a new frame. How tall are you? Inseam, standover etc. This will help us help you.
Agree; good fitting first.pitt83
Aug 4, 2003 6:34 AM
I was riding a 60 and was uncomfortable. At 6'4, I thought for sure my farme was too small. After a fitting, I dropped to a 59 with almost no post and a proper TT length. Much happier. My frame was too large, not too small. Get a good fitting first and decide. You probably can find a shelf bike / frame to fit well, but if custom is in your budget, I'd go that route.
re: Where do I go from hear...Wnt a bigger framegeeker
Aug 3, 2003 6:03 PM
I think you're right. Cannondale and Fuji won't be significantly bigger, and may even fit smaller.

Without going full custom, Rivendell makes some really big frames (up to 68cm c-t, 62cm tt), and Heron makes 64-65cm c-t with 62cm tt.
re: Where do I go from hear...Wnt a bigger framet-moore
Aug 3, 2003 8:40 PM
I am 6'4" and have a 38.5 in inseam when measured w/o socks.
re: Where do I go from hear...Wnt a bigger framegeeker
Aug 4, 2003 6:17 AM
You probably have a really "short torso" as well. I'm 1.5 inches shorter, 36" cycling inseam, and have a short enough torso that many frames with reasonable seat post showing have too long a top tube. I second the fitting session advice. The custom route might wind up best (long seat tube, short top tube).
I think you should go customStewartK
Aug 4, 2003 6:31 AM
I'm 6'4" with a 37.5" inseam and I ride a 65cm (c-c) custom frame. I got fitted by a Serotta trained technician and then bought my frame online from Tom Teesdale - he builds good frames and is very reasonably priced.

For my next bike I might go to Zinn or, I think Kellog (he's another tall framebuilder I believe). After riding on this frame for three years I think there are design modifications that should be made to a large frame that don't fit into the standard practices.
Aug 3, 2003 8:46 PM
Leonard Zinn is vertically gifted, and has an ad in Velonews every issue. I don't know what his bikes are like, but he would have some experience making 'em big.
Back in the olden days 66 cm and 26" frames were stockContinental
Aug 4, 2003 7:57 AM
You could get a very high quality steel frame from the late 70's or early 80's, get the rear triangle re-spaced to 130 mm and put your modern components on it.