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Best base layer under Jersey?(4 posts)

Best base layer under Jersey?Tahoe Gator
Aug 3, 2003 4:29 PM
Been riding with a DeFeet Un-D-Shirt under my jersey when it is clean, and considering getting some more. But, wondering if there's any other good/better choices out there? In particular, any good for warm weather that actually might help you be cooler than with a jersey alone?
I love my Pearl Izumi Tankdunkind
Aug 3, 2003 5:06 PM
I think it was around 20 bucks from Pricepoint, great in the heat and as a 1st layer on the cold days.
some good choices...bicycle268
Aug 3, 2003 5:06 PM
I've been using DeFeet for three years and really do love the soft texture and light weight of their shirts. I also have Pearl Izumi and have no complaints. The DeFeets tend to unravel, but only after about say....300 washes! The Pearls have yet to show wear after 6 years. In warm weather I find the Pearl Izumi base layer my choice. Craft is another good name I've heard of but never tried.

I prefer a tank top to the t-shirt variety as it doesn't bunch up in your jersey sleeves.

Happy riding!!
re: Best base layer under Jersey?kanekikapu
Aug 3, 2003 7:09 PM
well i have 3 DeFeet Un-D-shirt and i liked them a lot.. i've just got a craft baselayer (not the regular one but the newer craft light base layer) for the summer and i really like them. they are not as airy as the DeFeets but they are really comfortable and suit the weather of san francisco (cold/ foggy in the morning and hot in the marin areas) very good quality too....) for colder weather, i've tried the nike base layer... sorta like the Uder Armour stuff but they work quite well and comes w/... like 6 diff. colors?