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Water Bottles vs Camelbaks?(10 posts)

Water Bottles vs Camelbaks?royale_w_cheese
Aug 2, 2003 10:08 PM
Being a mountain biker expanding to the road, I've noticed that not too many of the team riders from my LBS seem to use hydration packs on the road. Curious why that might be so, and if this is representative of road riders in general when it comes to their choice of water carriers.
Camels off, bottles on.Jervis
Aug 2, 2003 11:36 PM
I too moved from mountain biking and still use my camelbak off road. It seems more convenient than reaching down to use my bottle. Also, when I'm on the road I dont like to have anything strapped to my back. It gets really hot and seems like is just something else to think about.

re: Water Bottles vs Camelbaks?divve
Aug 3, 2003 12:17 AM
For me it depends on how long I'm going to ride for. If it's only 2 hours or so I mount two 700cc water bottles. On longer 4-6 hour rides I fill up a Camelbak with water and take two bottles with energy drink.
re: Water Bottles vs Camelbaks?kjr39
Aug 3, 2003 5:42 AM
Ditch the Camelbak for the road. I did a couple of weeks ago and it makes a huge difference. Heat was the main reason for me. I am staying much cooler with the Camelbak off...
re: Water Bottles vs Camelbaks?My Dog Wally
Aug 3, 2003 6:05 AM
Like the kind of seat or shorts you'll choose, whether to use a CamelBack or bottles is an individual thing. I use a C'back because it helps me to drink more, which is a valuable thing to me. What I've noticed about many riders who use bottles is this: 1) they drink less because it's hard to grab a bottle when you're hammering; and 2) they often drink less because they feel they have to hoard water, not knowing if they're going to run out of it.

So, if you have no trouble wearing a C'Back, don't hesitate to wear it on the road. I see plenty of them on my club rides every week.
Summer = Camelbaks, the other 3 = bottlesterry b
Aug 3, 2003 6:09 AM
for any long ride (2+ hours) I use a Cbak in the summertime. I simply don't drink enough when I use bottles, and @ 100 degrees and 12% humidity, not drinking enough is a really dumb thing.

the rest of the year and for the short summer rides, 1-2 bottles is just fine.
Better to carry to much than not enoughAsphalt Addict
Aug 3, 2003 8:42 AM
I have a CB Rocket (72oz water) and one bottle (24oz fruit drink/salt mix) when I hit the road. My average ride is 45 miles which takes me two and a half hours non stop. When I finish the fluid is just about gone. Bottom line...Don't worry about what other people do but do what works for you.
One other thing....BrianU
Aug 3, 2003 10:11 AM
Team riders generally are going to be wearing a jersey with their sponsors written all over it. A camelback would cover that up. I have been told that you can wear the jersey over top of a camelback, but that almost seems like more trouble than its worth.
Taking a swig from a bottle while riding fast with others around you and maintaining your focus is a skill, that if practiced long enough, becomes second nature.
Like others have mentioned, I'll vary between bottles, a camelback or both, depending on the event, distance and the season.

Aug 3, 2003 11:28 AM
For me, it comes down to how often I can replenish my fluid reserves. Generally my mountain bike rides take me smack into the middle of nowhere for longer than a pair of large water bottles will keep me hydrated, and being able to bring enough fluids and supplies in my *Camelbak is important. For shorter mountainbike rides, or those which might pass a store, bottles are my choice since I'm not a fan to carrying a backpack of any type. My common road routes pass by gas stations and/or stores every 30-50km, so as long as I have money along, I can buy fluids as required for each leg of the journey. If really needed, I will take my *Camelbak.

* Camelbak is the brand I use so I can be specific, and need not refer to them as hydration packs.
re: Water Bottles vs Camelbaks?peter1
Aug 3, 2003 1:44 PM
One reason I use a CamelBak off road is that I kept losing bottles on rocky trails. Also using one with storage makes it easer easier to keep track of keys, food, tools etc. But on road, less jarring and more 7-11s mean I stick with water bottles and carry cash. Camelbaks can be extremely hot in summer.

Not to mention that a mud-splattered Camelbak doesn't look very sano with road kit!