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They'll get you coming & going !!(1 post)

They'll get you coming & going !!yellowspox
Jul 31, 2003 2:09 PM
Just when you think you're prepared for everything, a new one pops up. I've been commuting a few days the last couple of weeks and start out riding a great paved bike path that runs beside a busy main street with only a few cross streets to it. It's 6AM and I'm coming up on a cross street with a full size van speeding up to the stop sign.....located before the path! I know this gal has no intention of stopping near the sign, so I stop. She makes a rolling stop across the path and starts a left turn. A "little voice" said...don't go yet!!! She slams on the brakes, throws it in reverse and backs all the way across the path she makes a right turn and roars off down the street! I'm betting nobody within a one block radius was still sleeping when I got done expressing my concern for her driving habits. It's a good thing I had another 20 miles of rural country roads to relax before getting to work.