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ADA Wheels?? Anyone Own or Ridden These?(3 posts)

ADA Wheels?? Anyone Own or Ridden These?DUOHEAD
Jul 31, 2003 9:58 AM
Contemplating purchase of these exotics and would like to chat with someone who actually uses them! Would like to see a pair [live] altho that is a long shot! Thanks for any help with this!!!

P.S. Jan & Lance & Richard': I'll get back to you asap!!!
re: ADA Wheels?? Anyone Own or Ridden These?divve
Jul 31, 2003 10:25 AM
According to the German Tour road bike magazine and a German TV report by the ZDF, Jan and Lance use wheels by Lightweight and not ADA. According to the magazine the ADA wheel are an inferior copy to the real thing. The only association those two companies have is that ADA used be partners with them in the early 90's. According to Tour magazine the ADA lateral stiffness of the front 56N/mm and rear 38N/mm wheels doesn't compare favorably to Lightweight, which respectively are 71N/mm and 58N/mm. The low stiffness of the ADA wheels causes significant rubbing against the brakes especially in the rear. In favor of ADA is that their wheels are 100gr lighter. The weight savings mainly come from the lighter rear hub, but the down side is that the hub sounds seriously broken when pedaling hard, much like the sound of a toasted BB. Additionally the ADA wheels are also less aero due to the thicker spokes. Delivery time is good however:) only 2 weeks for ADA compared to 1 year for Lightweight.
Thanks for all that good ADA info!!!!DUOHEAD
Jul 31, 2003 9:59 PM
FWIW: ADA sez currently 3 months for delivery. Also, hAS 800 g. wheelset in works!!!!!)*%*~#@%*+#%!!! GOTTA CHECK OUT THOSE lIGHTWEIGHTs!! tHANKS AGAIN!!