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Campag 2004 Centaur, wheelsets on bike(3 posts)

Campag 2004 Centaur, wheelsets on bikeKiwi Rider
Jul 30, 2003 10:09 PM
I'm a young rider and I've seen on the Campy Only website that Centaur is coming in a grey colour as well as normal polished. But on a carbon frame bike, (ie Giant Composite TCR ONCE) would it match? Also, all those who may know, is it any lighter, more durable that would substantiate having to pay more if it is higher priced (both colours). Also I'm having problems about a wheelsets. Are the Proton and Zonda wheelsets good value for money, or should I keep the neutrons that come with the bike? (im basically changing the grouppo from Record to Centaur.) I would need a second wheelset any way and thats why I ask about Protons/Zondas intstead of Neutrons.
Kiwi Rider
The bike is currently Record and you're going to Centaur?Walter
Jul 31, 2003 2:55 AM
If I read your post right, why?
The bike is currently Record and you're going to Centaur?Kiwi Rider
Aug 2, 2003 10:34 PM
Quite simple; price. I simply do not have NZ$9300 (retail) to spend. Neither can I substantiate Chorus. This means Centaur, with the possibility of two wheelsets. I will sell my '01 TCR 2 and also my LBS will probably (hopefully) give me a discount on the price too. Currently I have Centaur pedals on the way, but because Italy is so slack its taking a long time. Another reason for dropping down to Centaur is that I don't really feel I deserve to be riding a NZ$3500+ Group set.