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Problem: Time Equipe Pro Titan(2 posts)

Problem: Time Equipe Pro Titansilverboard
Jul 30, 2003 7:57 PM
I have a maintence problem about the pedals, i used a torx wrench to get the two little screws out of the platform of the pedals, but i cannot seem to disassemble the pedal. The reason that i am taking it apart is that the metal bar that allows the cleat to click in has become somehow bent forward or repositioned closer in towards the axle of the pedal, just enough to make the pedals nearly impossible to click in to. If you have any suggestions and or solutions please reply because i can click into the pedals on the road with come proficient work, but clicking into a track bike is a whole another story. Thanks anyways, peace
re: Problem: Time Equipe Pro TitanSpoiler
Jul 30, 2003 11:17 PM
That metal bar is a spring. It works just like the spring on a mouse trap. Is the bar actually bent? Or is it just partially released, like it just snapped little Mickey's neck?

I know it takes a special threaded, pin extraction tool to pull out the pin that holds the rear plate (the piece that has "TIME" written on it), along with the pivoting plastic piece (the part that has "multireflex" written on it).

Looking at the pedal from the axle side, you can see 2 counter-sunk holes where retaining pins are deep inside. One pin runs through the body of the pedal and serves as a pivot point for the plastic pieces. Another pin, at the rear of the pedal, runs inside the coils of the spring, holding it in place.

The extraction tool is a 1 or 2 mm diameter threaded bolt with a knurled handle. It's about 2 inches long. It gets threaded into the retaining pin.

You see the retaining pin inside the pedal is actually partially hollow. The hollow part is threaded internally to allow the tool to be screwed into it. Once you screw the tool into the hollow part of the pin, you can then take a pair of pliers and pull the tool, along with the pin, out of the pedal body. I imagine a very thin machine screw would work. If you pull the spring retaining pin out, I'd imagine you'd need another special tool to re-tension the spring, and hold it in place, while you try to reinsert the pin. I wouldn't try it.

You need split ring pliers to remove the axle from the body.

As far as the steel bar, like I said, it's spring loaded, exactly like the bar on a mouse trap. If the bar isn't bent, but is just permanently positioned foreward, I'd guess that the tabs or whatever holds the ends of the spring/bar in place broke off. The spring then becomes unsprung into the forward position. If this is the case, the part that's supposed to hold the spring in position needs replacement.