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Those evil Italian tire builders...(2 posts)

Those evil Italian tire builders...filtersweep
Jul 30, 2003 7:09 PM
after two flats in two days milking my old tires beyond their usable life I tossed on a new pair of Velomax.

There is a large warning on the box to "read carefully instructions inside"

The second to the last "operating instruction" is "do not use tools; the fitting must be done entirely by hand."

Cruel joke aside (these aren't even remotely shaped out of the box), have I just lived recklessly in the past and thrown caution to the wind (and not even read such instructions) or is this something a bit unique?

It actually wasn't all that bad... I've seen worse, but installation was a bit rubegoldbergesque....
What a rubejw25
Jul 31, 2003 8:28 AM
Seriously, I tend to read those warnings with a grain of salt. Provided the tools are plastic tire levers, and not metal screwdrivers, butter-knives, or whatever else people have used, the tire should be fine.
I prefer to fit tires without tools, but that's more for sparing the tube than anything. Some tire/rim combos just won't mount without a little help (Michelin and Sun, for instance), though luckily they stretch a bit after the first mount.
Personally, I've found the italian tires to fit pretty loose. My Open Corsas slide right on, and I actually have to hold the fitted portion with one hand, to keep it from popping out again.